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Liberty Central School District Reviews

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Although Liberty High School was small it was very diversified which I enjoyed very much. There was a lot of school spirit. It was fun to come together with the entire student body for sporting events and other school activities. There were also many different extracurricular activities for all interest. I wish there were more college level and AP courses available to take as a student as well as SAT and ACT prep. I think there should be more guidance and support for students who are first generation college students as well as for students who may want to pursue vocational school.
As a current junior, I have enjoyed my time at liberty high school. It is quite diverse and provides an education that allows a student to learn what they need to. The school has excellent sports teams, especially girls soccer and varsity football, but the science program could use more work. The only downfall is the lack of classes that fit the needs of what students want to learn outside of high school.
My child attended Liberty Central High School since Kindergarten and is graduating this year. The teachers there are very involved, caring, and helpful. They get to know their students and adjust where they need to in order to ensure the children get well educated. We have had an excellent overall experience with the district.
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Liberty school has high hopes and dreams for the schools but can never seem to accomplish what it wants. There are superintendents and teachers with alot of dreams. If they can achieve any of these goals for productivity and acievements it would be a plus for the children.
One area they need to get ahold of is the bullying. I was treated terribly for many years at the schools and never felt like I was protected.
For the area, Liberty High School is not bad. There is a wide range of activities and people. Teachers try to help people. However, Guidance is a bit of a mess. College preparation mainly comes from teachers who can't often dedicate the time
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