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Liberty Center Local School District Reviews

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Liberty Center will not hire a coach for any of their athletic teams that isn’t a parent. Which not only leads to special treatment and nominations to state awards but also poor coaching staff. Teachers are awesome!!! Underpaid
My experience at Liberty Center was alright. There was a lot of things that I could of seen change. There was a lo of bullying back then and a lot of students were getting hurt by it. Mainly by what they called the popular group. Liberty Center just recieved a new school. It was about time because there was a lot of damage to the old school and we always had problems with the gas situations.
I would like to see a real crack sown on bullys but other than that the community as a whole is fantastic and really pulls together in a crisis.
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Liberty is a nice school with helpful teachers. It also has a very friendly staff who is ready to help when you need it.
I liked the small rural school experience. My teachers and administrators know my name and are involved with the students. This school makes you feel at home. We needed a new school building and we finally got one! I will graduate before it will be completed, but the students behind me will benefit.
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