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Liberty Center Local School District Reviews

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Liberty Center High School is such a family-like community and made learning and my all around experience so much more fun and easy being around people you love and enjoy being around.
Small class sizes. Teachers always willing to help you. Huge parent involvement. Many extracurricular activities to choose from.
All four of my high school years were spent at the same school. Overall the experience was amazing, the students, staff, and environment that I was surrounded with on a daily basis were perfect. My teachers were very caring towards me, especially those that knew I needed the help or just saw my potential. There was not one day in High School where I didn't feel wanted or felt like I shouldn't be there. I was, and still am, a very energetic student, and sometimes that got the best of me, though there was never a day where I felt it couldn't be controlled. The amount of love and true respect the students have for the teachers, and the teachers have for the students is truly incredible. I honestly believe Liberty Center High School was where I was meant to study for the last four years, and think it is a school open to all with open arms.
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Liberty Center Schools are located in a very small town where everyone knows everyone and you feel very safe and welcomed in your school environment. I played sports all four years of high school and feel that I learned more about myself, my teammates and what it is like to work together to achieve greatness. Many of my teachers also taught my parents; making school very interesting. I was able to learn not only about the current curriculum but also about my parents and their experiences while attending the same high school. I will miss this small school system as I head into college.
I have spent my entire life attending Liberty Center Local Schools. and I don't believe I would want to go anywhere else. I have made lots of friends over the years and have also made a lot of memories. I am currently a senior and I'm very excited to continue my academic career at Bowling Green University studying in aeronautics. However, I am going to miss the time and memories I have made with my fellow classmates and teachers at Liberty Center. Especially the school sporting events where everyone at Liberty Center has a very strong passion for sports. Sadly there is always an ending for everything and that time is near. Overall I really enjoyed the time at Liberty Center High School and feel they have prepared me for my life ahead.
Small, close knit students. Great teachers. Everyone at the school goes above and beyond to achieve greatness. We won’t settle for average.
What I like about liberty Center schools is that everyone gets along and we’re all a close family. We also have an outstanding athletic program.
Liberty Center will not hire a coach for any of their athletic teams that isn’t a parent. Which not only leads to special treatment and nominations to state awards but also poor coaching staff. Teachers are awesome!!! Underpaid
My experience at Liberty Center was alright. There was a lot of things that I could of seen change. There was a lo of bullying back then and a lot of students were getting hurt by it. Mainly by what they called the popular group. Liberty Center just recieved a new school. It was about time because there was a lot of damage to the old school and we always had problems with the gas situations.
I would like to see a real crack sown on bullys but other than that the community as a whole is fantastic and really pulls together in a crisis.
Liberty is a nice school with helpful teachers. It also has a very friendly staff who is ready to help when you need it.
I liked the small rural school experience. My teachers and administrators know my name and are involved with the students. This school makes you feel at home. We needed a new school building and we finally got one! I will graduate before it will be completed, but the students behind me will benefit.
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