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Liberty-Benton Local School District Reviews

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I loved attending school at Liberty-Benton. I feel that the school offers great education and options for its students. For the most part it is a smaller and safer school. I learned everything I needed and more to be prepared for college. I think that there is a great athletic program there as well. Since the school is smaller the teachers have the opportunity to give each and every student the options that they need to be successful in school.
I am a current student at Liberty-Benton high school and I love the school. I have gone here my entire life and have never thought about going anywhere else even if things get tough. I have done relatively well in school and I think the teachers and administrators do a very good job of preparing the students for college in both academics and school life.
It's a decent school but very cliquish. There's barely any diversity in the student body. Small amount of class choices for high school students as well as no options for extracurricular activities other than sports, band, and choir.
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Educationally, Liberty Benton is a wonderful school district, however socially it can vary. It is very money oriented, if you have money you most likely will enjoy it.
I have spent 12 years of my life attending LB and I am glad I did. However, being a school with little diversity and of higher economic status, it's safe to say that it is not a perfect school. High school is supposed to prepare you for college, but everything the school teaches is babied down, making it easy to pass everything.
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