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Leyden Community High School District No. 212 Reviews

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These last four years as a student at Leyden has been a great experience for me. It truly has taught me a variety of lessons. What I enjoyed of this district is the determination to get students to strive for excellence. Although my experience has been well there are a few things that can be improved. For example, it would be extremely more welcoming if we had faculty who looked like us the students. I say this because the students need more adults they can rely on them who have the same stories as them, not an adult who they share nothing in common with.
I am a sophomore at East leyden Highg School I am involved in many clubs and activities. Leyden has over 70 clubs and pretty much every sport you can think of. Teachers are able to develop relationships with their students through great classes and amazing opportunities. Leyden is full of amazing people and opportunity.
I loved all the opportunity's I got from Leyden. Especially all the tech stuff i got to do. It really got me ready for life and gave me so much experience in IT that I probably couldn't get at any other high school.
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I just graduated Leyden yesterday, I was there for four years. I have nothing but good things to say about this school. We all felt like a family there, the safety is amazing, which helps a lot. I am sad that I will not be there no more, but I am happy to say that I was once an eagle, and will forever be an eagle. I want to say thank you to all teachers and staff for making such great kids/student at the school. Than you Leyden District 212.
Leyden is a great school because they give many opportunities and really look for the best of their students.
Leyden High School is a great place to grow as an individual in pursuit of your post-secondary goals and dreams.
What I love so much about Leyden is that it is a place where everyone is accepted. Also there is so many things to do it is impossible to not get involved in something you like.
I liked the fact that there are a lot of choices for clubs, sports and activities. The teachers are very nice and helpful. We have a lot of resources including 3D printing machines, cameras, printers, cameo sillhoette and more. We even have a pool in West Leyden and a new pool in East Leyden that's being renovated.
I love Leyden because there's so many opportunities for each and every student. Whether you're into sports, academics, or clubs, there's an activity for everyone.
Leyden really needs to hire teachers that have a passion for teaching. The teachers are very disinterested in the students. The school needs to get students to want to come to school and not feel like another boring day.
My experience at Leyden High School has been educational, fun, and resourceful. I have made life lasting relationships between not only my classmates but with my dedicated teachers. The Leyden community is filled with caring and spirit fill people. My classes have taught me college ready skills and knowledge to be used in the real world. My high school has ready me to be independent and resourceful of my own, which I will use for the rest of my life.
Leyden is a good high school that prepares students for college. Leyden offers a lot of extra curricular activities such as cooking classes, various clubs, ACT preparation classes, sports, and volunteering opportunities. The teachers help students succeed.
The Leyden High Schools are definitely one of the greatest high schools around the West suburban area! Not only are the schools very diverse, which allows for students to share their cultures, everyone is very united and accepting of each other. As soon as you walk into the schools, you can sense such a positive atmosphere with all the friendly smiles. Aside from the great environment, the district offers a wide range of college-level AP classes with really good teachers, which help prepare us students for the future. There's a huge variety of different courses offered to please the interests of all of their students! The use of Chromebooks is also very beneficial to us students as it allows for us to become more engaged in the use of modern-day technology and be able to complete work with much ease. Let's not forget to mention that both of the campuses are unique and beautiful. This High School district is really a dtandout in our community!
My time at East Leyden has been filled with challenging classes, dedicated teachers and classmates that create a spectrum of different personalities and backgrounds.
Taxes are too high for such a bad school system. The teachers do not know how to motivate anyone. They are boring and so out of touch. In the four years I will only remember 1 teacher from here.
My four years at West Leyden were amazing. There are so many clubs/sports available that there's something for everyone. Academically, there are a wide range of classes that are challenging. However, at the same time, there are teachers that care about the students and help them to succeed.
My experience at East Leyden has been pretty great. I've enjoyed my time as a student here and I can't help but get upset to think that I'll be leaving this place next year. I've tried my best to get myself and others involved. School is just so much more fun when you have your friends around you. I'm still meeting people to this day. I'm so happy I have the chance to be part of such a great school.
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