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Lexington-Richland School District No. 5 Reviews

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We have been living in this school district for many years. Before we first moved here I had searched the Columbia area schools for where we should live, so that we would be well-situated when our kids started school (at the time we had a toddler and a baby). We chose Lexington-Richland Five, but more specifically an area zoned for Dutch Fork High School because of it's excellent reputation. We have not been disappointed. My oldest is getting ready to graduate from Dutch Fork High school and we couldn't be happier with the school and the programs. Especially the music program. The band program is top-rated and I'm so glad our kids have participated and benefited from such an exceptional program and school.
The district is run by a bunch of old people that have no clue what today's school system is like. With the upcoming election at least half have proposed metal detectors at the entrances of the school to "protect"us when really it is a waste of money and resources plus it would just make people more scared.
The Center for Advanced Technical Studies has everything I need to be successful in my passion for Veterinary Science!
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Chapin is a great place to go to school. There is always a sporting event to go and watch the athletes compete. It’s also a great place to prepare you for college or whatever you wish to do after finishing high school.
i feel like this is a great district, but they could be more encouraging. & it would make for a better
LexRich 5 offers a lot of educational opportunity, because they make sure to provide every student with the same advantages regardless of race, economic status, etc. For the most part, the staff are pretty good, except there are a few teachers there that tend to disregard the student need and make academic achievement more complicated then necessarily. Student involvement in clubs and athletics is a very prominent aspect of student culture. Everybody tends to find their niche whether that's academics, arts, or athleticism. Regardless of cliques, everybody joins together for football games and pep rallies, providing a large sense of unity and school pride. However, the cleanliness and maintenance of the school sometimes shows its age. There is often a bug problem with roaches, and certain things within the schools are broken and left unrepaired, like bathroom utilities like hand dryers, locks on doors. The food is questionable sometimes.
There are so many choices for students, from not just the elective courses, but the many schools that are school of choice. You can find your niche and discover future possibilities.
I enjoyed my time as a student in this district. The teachers and administrators are extremely helpful and challenge you to become the best version of yourself. I feel that they have given me an excellent foundation as I look forward to continuing my academic career.
Overall, District 5 is good. However, there are some concerns on whether or not the district has the best intentions for its students at heart; Their focus seems to be more money oriented for their own personal gain, rather than for the bettering of the students around them. That being said, many of the schools are now magnet schools and have certain programs that are designed for students who would like to go into a particular field.
As a recent graduate from Chapin High School, I look back and I could not be more grateful to have been apart of such an awesome school and school district. They pushed me to achieve anything that was put in front of me and prepared me for what college was going to offer.
I like that the district attempts to offer a variety of different courses for students. The district also does an adequate job of making an effort to include students in school and community activities. However, the teachers are typically either top or very low quality.
My son is special needs and his teachers have reached him in ways that make me proud to send my son there. He is pointing more, trying more to talk, and taking his socks off.
Overall my experience with Lexington-Richland School District 5 was enjoyable. School District 5 provides a plethora of resources and the academics of District 5 really prepare you for higher education. The administration and facilities at District 5 are truly top notch. I felt truly safe and comfortable at the schools within District 5 and I also loved how diverse the District is, it truly reflects the outside world and students within the District are taught compassion and respect at an early age. I am truly impressed with Lexington-Richland School District 5. However I would like to see improvements with school lunch and some of the teachers. Nevertheless, my experience with Lexington-Richland School District 5 has been an wonderful and joyous venture.
The teachers and staff. You could tell the entire staff really wanted all of us to succeed. We were privileged with the technology we were offered and the opportunities we had. But, although the school had a lot of ways to interact socially, students still seemed to be very separate. One time at a pep rally someone took a picture of the senior section and all of the white children were on one side and the African Americans on another. They should find a way to unify students. Also, they were extremely focused on trying to block out anything they didn't think had to do with school that technology became almost impossible to use. This was a big burden because a lot of teachers try to use websites or apps the school blocks and also it's very hard for cell phones to work. I understand you're not supposed to use your phone during instructional time but it was difficult to reach my parents when I needed to because they had the signal and the wifi blocked.
Best public district in the state. I felt supported all the was through my education and the district helped push me to do my best.
The school districts treat everyone like family. The only thing I would change would be the observation of teachers.
Lexington-Richland School District 5 is a high rated school district that provides numerous, wonderful opportunities for it's students. It's Center for Advanced Technical Studies is a great way to encourage students to become involved in their own fields of interest. The district provides plentiful resources and technology for students to use as well. Each school provides numerous clubs and activities for students to participate in, including an outstanding FIRST Robotics club. Communication with the district office and schools could use improvement. I would personally like to see more attention and promotion of the FIRST Robotics district team since it brings all of the schools together and is a wonderful opportunity for students interested in STEM related fields of study.
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I liked that the level of education was much higher in LexRich 5. Also the sports teams were well taken care of. I would have liked to see more diversity.
I've been in this district my entire school career. We tend to have the highest test scores in general classes, and state mandated tests such as PASS and MAP testing. The teachers are very involved in preparing us for our futures, and the guidance counselors are always there to answer ant questions we have, or connect us to someone else who can answer them. There is also a large number of resources available to allow students to focus on their future careers, such as the options for job shadowing, or classes available for all schools at the Center for Advanced Technical Studies.
The district provided a very challenging and rigorous curriculum. I also feel like the district is committed to making technology a part of the everyday school life and prepares students for using technology in the work place.
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