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Great teachers! Best friends and I miss them all! With Covid, the online studies were ok. I’m looking forward to the kids to start in person learning.
overcrowded, bad at accomodating for kids with disabilities, fakest school system ever. Lexington on the outside looks like a good school cause they pump out good grades but they do that by breaking down students.
I would like to see more diversity. This school is very STEM and prepares you for college very well. The teachers are very kind.
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It is a very wealthy district. Academically very strong, very high test scores, school culture is intense.
It's pretty normal from what I know. Teachers aren't that great, lack of diversity and racism make it worse. It might be the fact that there are too many students for the teachers to handle. Really need to build at least 2 more high schools and middle schools.
Lexington public schools offers many Opportunities for every student no matter what with many different experiences. The only thing I would change is the pressure kids have on getting amazing grades.
I learned so much and LHS especially prepares you very well for college. However, it can be very stressful and it's easy to compare yourself to others.
There are many different clubs and after school problems offered at the middle and high schools which is really nice. Kids have the opportunity to join robotics, yearbook and all sorts of both academic and non-academic clubs. Each language class usually does a year end trio or some sort of field trip at the end of the year.

There is a lot I would like to see change in Lexington Public Schools. I feel there is a lot of discrimination and bullying both by students and adults that I would like to see more further dealt with. So many times of incidents of both bullying and harassment have been swept under the rug and made to be no big deal. That is not okay. If you are not white and rich, you can forget about being invited out to parties or feeling like you belong at the school.
I learned a lot about myself as a person and student at LHS. Though this school causes a lot of mental illnesses because of the insane amount of pressure, I feel ready to tackle the amazing college I am going to!!
It is a really great school system in which the teachers are excellent! They are always helpful when you need them!
Awesome school system. The only complaint I have is that it seems that for the 2019-2020 school year they're being a little softer and they've changed some rules about skipping math grades, changed the schedule at the High School, etc. It's not TOO bad, though.
I like the fact I can choose a lot of my classes, especially when it comes to art and other history/math credits. They do provide you with lots of help. I wish that there were more school spirit related activities, like dances, pep rallies.
I liked that my school is in the process of placing more importance on mental health by adding study periods as well as implementing a new homework policy in which homework cannot be given over many holidays. I like that my school values theater, music, and art almost as much as it values athletics. I have liked most of my teachers. One thing that could be improved is helping students understand how many hard classes is too many for them before they start the classes. Stress is a big problem at school.
Lexington Public Schools has high expectations for their students and the courses offered aren't easy. The helpful staff and engaged teachers ensure that the students are receiving a quality education. The only issue is the lack of mental health awareness. Lexington is a very stressful school.
Lexington Public Schools are extremely successful at preparing students for college, academically speaking. They provide the needed guidance and resources for students to thrive in the classroom. But, I feel that LPS needs to work on mentally preparing student for the being college students. They need to teach students more real-world lessons and skills so they aren't surprised with life when they leave High school.
The Lexington Public Schools system is designed as a college readiness track. I was in a private school for the beginning of my academic career and was worried that switching to a public school system would slow me down. However, I found that was not the case. I had amazing teachers and a strong support system with many resources who encouraged me to take challenging courses and expand my knowledge outside the covered course material.
I enjoyed the many opportunities that the high school offers, along with preparing student for harder college courses. I have met many people throughout my high school career, and it has been a wonderful experience so far.
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I would like to see it updated, LHS is a great school with a heavy focus on academics, but there is a lot of pressure. Everyone is in competition to do the most clubs and sports and activities as well as take all possible honors and AP classes. Most teachers are great, but there are some who most definitely should not be teaching at a school like LHS.
Although at times stressful, Lexington High School has shown to prepare me well academically. The high level courses available allow students to push themselves while also being supported by teachers and counselors. Students are also given many opportunities to pursue other interests with many elective choices which cater to each student.
I grew up in Lexington. The community is warm and welcoming. I always felt at home in this area. However, sometimes there were moments when I felt like the outcast. I feel as if sometimes situations were overlooked because the fear of other communities looking at Lexington as a bad community. We were seen as lesser than the surrounding communities because of our diversity. I believe that Lexington adults should have stopped the racism and side looks towards our students a long time ago. The adults should have stood up for the students not have the students ignore the slander. The choice to overlook these situations just made them grow over the years. Hopefully Lexington Public Schools will learn to take better care of their students. I only hope one year Lexington Public Schools and their students will finally be on the same page.
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