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The Lexington Public Schools system is designed as a college readiness track. I was in a private school for the beginning of my academic career and was worried that switching to a public school system would slow me down. However, I found that was not the case. I had amazing teachers and a strong support system with many resources who encouraged me to take challenging courses and expand my knowledge outside the covered course material.
I enjoyed the many opportunities that the high school offers, along with preparing student for harder college courses. I have met many people throughout my high school career, and it has been a wonderful experience so far.
I would like to see it updated, LHS is a great school with a heavy focus on academics, but there is a lot of pressure. Everyone is in competition to do the most clubs and sports and activities as well as take all possible honors and AP classes. Most teachers are great, but there are some who most definitely should not be teaching at a school like LHS.
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Lexington High has super resources, outstanding teachers and most importantly, a fantastic bunch of students that keep you pushing harder. I adored the competition+collaboration we had in our class that resulted in a bunch of us that grouped together for test prep ending up at top 20 colleges.

The pressure is a little too high at times but now that I'm looking at it outside in, I realize that the pressure was a critical element to my development and readiness for college.

If you don't want your family to spend a fortune on private schools, Lexington High is the next best thing.
Although at times stressful, Lexington High School has shown to prepare me well academically. The high level courses available allow students to push themselves while also being supported by teachers and counselors. Students are also given many opportunities to pursue other interests with many elective choices which cater to each student.
I grew up in Lexington. The community is warm and welcoming. I always felt at home in this area. However, sometimes there were moments when I felt like the outcast. I feel as if sometimes situations were overlooked because the fear of other communities looking at Lexington as a bad community. We were seen as lesser than the surrounding communities because of our diversity. I believe that Lexington adults should have stopped the racism and side looks towards our students a long time ago. The adults should have stood up for the students not have the students ignore the slander. The choice to overlook these situations just made them grow over the years. Hopefully Lexington Public Schools will learn to take better care of their students. I only hope one year Lexington Public Schools and their students will finally be on the same page.
One of the top public school districts but very stressful! Overall I loved it there the community is excellent and the teachers are very good.
Lexington High School is a very inclusive environment in which everyone, regardless of interests can thrive. There are many opportunities for people of all backgrounds, and one will be accepted wherever they find themselves. Though it is known to be quite intense, managing stress teaches you a lot about the outside world.
I was only a part of the Lexington public schools during high school. The high school was physically large and overcrowded, and the academics were rigorous. The positive aspects of my experience was that most of the students were incredibly driven and the curriculum prepared me for college really well. Some of the negatives were the overwhelming amounts of stress from classes, the expectations of the school and upholding its reputation, and the cutthroat competition between peers. I had a severe concussion my junior year and it was extremely hard to go back to classes and more often than not, teachers didn't understand why I could not do some of the work. It was hard to receive any kind of compromise despite my physical condition. The high school prepares you for college very well, but not without an extreme amount of stress and commitment to work.
What makes a great public school system? Is it a system in which most of the kids who do well, particularly in mathematics, get extensive tutoring from highly educated parents and paid tutors/extracurricular math courses? By that measure, LPS is excellent.

Is it a system in which, if motivated, any kid, without external help, can excel because the teachers and administration make self-motivated success possible? By that measure, LPS is very poor. The amazing test scores and college trajectories of most kids is predicated upon significant extracurricular tuition, either from Russian Math or individual tutors (highly educated, stay at home parents and/or paid tutors).
I've been going to Lexington public school for 12 years now and I love it. It's a great school system, they really give their all for their students and I wouldn't ask for it to be any other kind of way.
I like the setup of the website; it is clean and easy to use. I would like to see separate sections for scholarships that require signing up for a different service or organization.
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