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Lexington Local School District Reviews

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Great teachers who will go above and beyond to help you succeed. Athletics are pretty good,especially in Cross Country, Swimming, and Basketball. The buildings are absolutely terrible, and need to be upgraded.
Good district with good academics. Only bad thing is that they do not take discrimination complaints very seriously, or seem to address bullying very well. Bullying does not happen very often but when it does, it is swept away unless a parent is involved.
The quality education they give on a small budget. All the teachers give so much of their time and enjoy their profession.
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I have been a student at Lexington since kindergarten. I highly value my education, and I do not regret being enrolled in this school district. Sure, it may be like every other school in some aspects, but it is by far one of the best schools in Ohio. We excel in academics, sports, and music— the parent involvement is great, and all of us kids truly work hard at our grades and challenge ourselves.
I enjoy how easily students can talk to their teachers: about anything really. I do not like the overwhelming arrogance some students and even teachers have simply because they have lived in Lexington for generations.
The academics were very good and challenged the students. Most teachers cared and helped the students often.
Lexington School District has high academic standards. There are many friendly students and faculty members.
The teachers and administrators at Lexington are supportive and encouraging. They work hard to make sure that every student is given the chance to succeed.
The education that I was provided at Lexington High School was excellent. I came from a inner city school that was mainly a place for kids to get off the streets and away from home for a few hours. A school should have more emphasis on education and preparing it's students for the future... that is exactly what I gained from Lexington. The college preparatory promise was certainly fulfilled. I was able to take college courses while still being a high school student. The biggest problem with the school is the building itself. It is old and is in dire need of replacing. Besides that I feel prepared for college and whatever my future holds thanks to Lexington.
The school itself is great the academics are fantastic but it wasn't for me I didn't fit in. They are highly focused on their athletes which I was not.
Terrific teachers. I was well prepared for college. The science and math programs are among the best in the state. I found myself ahead of the class when first entering my premed courses.
Lexington high school greatly prepares students for college and is a very well educated school. The education gained from lexington high school is very advanced. However, the school has room for improvement in the areas of dealing with bullying, disciplinary actions, and the amount of time allowed for students to get from class to class.
Lexington Schools create an easy environment for students to learn and develop. Although, there were not many opportunities to pursue classes that could potentially be tailored to a major.
The teachers are always there for you whether it is to push you academically or be there for you when you need someone to talk. Lexington has always had the best grades and test scores in the surrounding areas and the rigorous coursework is probably the reason for this.
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