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Lexington Independent School District Reviews

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The teachers are great!!! Very helpful and knowledgeable. They really encouraged us to do our best. They weren’t easy though they expected the best from us. They also expected you to be be respectful and courteous and didn’t allow students to just run amuck like other schools.
Lexington Independent School District is a small 3A school where everyone knows eachother. Which is one of the qualities I like about my school. Although, I would like to see us add more classes for our students to take that would fall in their career path.
{Most} teachers were really good and they genuinely cares about the students. Some, like most schools, showed favoritism and made others feel leas important. That is something that should definitely worked on.
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My experience at Lexington High School was very good. I was provided with several dual credit and AP classes that will greatly impact my college credit and provide a foundation to start with in my first years in college.
Lexington High School is a great place for students. The campus is committed to providing opportunities for students. The teachers are knowledgeable and experienced. A wide range of extra curricular opportunities are available for a small school.
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