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Lexington County School District No. 4 Reviews

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I thought given my circumstances upon entering the school that it was very nice. I do think there needs to be some improvements with teaching and more money needs to be put in to support the school, especially for teachers.
What I like about district four is that the teachers and administrators are very passionate about getting the community and the students involved in the school. What I would like to see within my district is a wider variety of classes that can be offered to students. Within my high school it is very hard to leave with an idea of what we are wanting to go to college for because we weren't able to get a taste of what is available to us once we get to college.
I went to school all my life in the District of Lexington 4 and my all time experience was pretty amazing. I made great friends, I achieved in my studies, I've learned to have better confidence, I've learned how to even have etiquette while I was enrolled in Junior ROTC when I was at Swansea High School.
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As a student I enjoyed my time there, but I noticed they had a tendency to not know how to finish things or think things through. However, most of the teachers and administration try to get the students to succeed, even if the methods aren't always the best.
The district is too widespread. Seven schools will be attended before graduation. Children don't have a chance to feel comfortable in their school before changing again.
Lexington District Four is a good school considering the area we live in. We struggle financially, but our school district does what it can for its students. I wish that district four could provided its students a more wide variety of classes to take, to prepare us for the major we would like to study in college. But, this district gives its students many opportunities to become involved in extracurricular activities that allow them to branch out and become well rounded learners.
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