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Lexington County School District No. 3 Reviews

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The administration and leadership at all of the Batesburg- Leesville Schools go out of their way to make sure that no students are ever left behind. You can tell that every teacher and administrator somewhat enjoys their positions and their day-to-day jobs. The only complaint that I have about this district is that a lot of the time, they let things go unnoticed, such as bullying and vaping on campus, which drastically impacts the education and lives of other students on campus.
Even though I'm proud to have graduated a Panther, there are tons of things that need to be improved. This includes: Teacher involvement with students and getting them ready for the college life. The CATE classes, however, are the best. They really help prepare you for the work force.
Batesburg is the average high school nothing really pops out at you that is special. There is a strong connection in this school and community. Everyone knows everyone and everybody is friendly to newcomers.
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I grew up in the school district and never felt threatened. Teachers knew their students on a personal level. Best place for kids to grow up.
I appreciate one on one help from teachers and the class size. I would like to have better communication between administrators/teachers and students. It would be nice to have the advanced programs for vocational jobs and certifications offered in other districts for students not interested in attending college.
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