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Lexington County School District No. 2 Reviews

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I went to Brookland Cayce Senior High School. The atmosphere created by teachers and students was great! However, I found that many academic departments were extremely underfunded and even some parts of the school desperately needed to be renovated. It was unfortunate that the athletics at the school-- primarily football-- were over funded, meaning that team members were given new uniforms, cleats, helmets and practice equipment, while students in theater, the arts, and music classes were left to fundraiser to get functioning equipment and support from the student body. Brookland Cayce has some amazing teachers, however, their priorities are obvious and it's discouraging to many.
I went to school in Lexington 2 and I now have 2 children in Lexington 2. They are doing wonderful.
They constantly bring in the best faculty and staff to help improve the school environment to provide the best learning experience possible. I attended the following schools within the district: Herbert A. Wood Elementary, Pine Ridge Middle, and Airport High School. All of these schools have imparted in my life showing me that I can achieve anything by setting a strong foundation for myself. Pine Ridge Middle School started it off with a foundation that is literally G.O.L.D, an acronym standing for: Give your best; Own your learning; Lead by positive example; and Demonstrate excellent manners. With this instilled in me from an early age, I was able to hold myself accountable for any goal I would set. All of which continued to build self value and confidence within myself and the students throughout the community, causing everyone to be on one accord, while conquering all goals we set out for ourselves to become successful human beings.
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Been in this school district my entire years of education so far and overall I think it turned out well. Of course there are things that could be done to make it better. I do not know if I necessarily think all the new changes are for the better. I never personally thought the "project based learning" style was the best for me but I made it work and passed with A's and B's. Teachers could be chosen much better than they have lately. I have gotten quite a few teachers that did not actually know much about what they were teaching and I certainly did not learn anything in that class for the year, due to the teachers poor skills.
My child has done excellent in this school. This is a wonderful school for parents teachers and very good afterschool for my child. Love bc Grammer #1
It is an established school district but need to focus on education, not just preparing for standardized tests.
I felt that the atmosphere of Lexington school district two was pretty job. The only bad experiences that I ever had were in elementary school, but It does seem that they have been improving a lot of the support systems and the chain of command in the little schools.
I was a student in Lexington County School District NO. 2 all my life. I recently graduated and will be attending college in the fall. For the most part, this is a good district to attend in despite the fact that we do not have that many schools. The changes that occurred over the years benefited each school in some way. I attend two elementary schools, one middle school, and a high school in this district and I truly enjoyed the teachers that I encounter. I have plenty good memories from being a student of this district. My mom also works in this district as well and she enjoys working there.
I would like to see more support from parents. The administration and faculty have limited ability to maintain discipline and without support from parents and guardians it's a losing battle.
Lexington County School District No. 2 was an ok district to go too. The teachers didn't really prepare students for the next step which would be college. The food wasn't very tasty, and unless you had $10 to throw everyday for lunch that's what you were stuck with.
I like everything about lex 2 I just wish they would add more sports. The teachers at my school are real friendly and they push you to better.
i have been in Lexington 2 all thought my 12 years of school and absolutely love my district , the school is diverse and has always had good academics. I love this community and how they give multiple opportunities to achieve.
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