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The best part of LCSD1 is the technology center, which allows students a head start on technical careers.
This is a great school. The teachers and students are very nice and care about others. The teachers help you understand the material. They do labs to help you understand and learn as you go. If you don't have time to go to the labs, they will make time for you before, during, or after class.
I liked the college readiness that they've provided for all of the juniors and seniors. I'd like to see them start even earlier with freshman and start preparing them the same way they prepare the upper classman.
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If you are an homeschool student, be prepared to be followed and put under extra scrunity. If you don't attend the school, they don't want you there.
I liked the drive for excellence that the whole school had. If you did not feel pushed by somebody then you were just not listening. Most teachers loved what they did and made the most out of every class, doing their best to make the message come across.
Lexington 1 provides a wide variety of classes and experiences for high school students. Consistently ranked as a one of the top districts in the state, Lexington 1 has teachers that are truly invested in the success of their students.
As a senior at Lexington High School, I must say I have enjoyed my years in school. I have been attending Lexington School District 1 schools since kindergarden and honestly i would recommend it to anyone. Although it is school, it has been fun. The classes are fun, the teachers are fun, the sporting events are fun, and the people are fun. As I got older, throughout high school, I felt that my school became really strict on the students. For example, we can not leave the lunch room without a pass, but you can't go back to your class to get a pass if you forgot one. So to me, it doesn't make sense but I'm not in charge either. I hope that I can settle back in Lexington, SC when I graduate college to start a family because I know that my children will receive a great education.
The academics are excellent with motivated and well educated staff that are extremely helpful. However the facilities can be slightly run down and the food's condition is subpar.
Lexington One is the best school district in South Carolina! My husband and I attended school in this district and now my kids do! Dr. Gregory Little is an amazing superintendent who always strives to better each school and each student.
A very great and small district. The district is advanced in both technology and its teachings. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a group of smaller schools and such.
Lexington County School District 1 is a great environment for students because the schools have specialized centers and classes that prepares us for college and our future careers.
I moved to Lexington, South Carolina my sophomore year, and had a completely different experience then I did with my first high school. There are quite a few excellent teachers and education is a priority. Naturally, there were a few teachers that were more difficult, but such is life. Typically, sports is more favored then other activities, but there is also great art and music programs. Lexington has a schedule set up to prepare kids for college with 4 classes per semester. Rather this prepares students or not is totally dependent on the student themselves. Over all Lexington is a good school that is very focused on test scores and sports.
Lexington County school district 1 is a great school that prepares it's students for career readiness. The faculty is always warm and welcoming to new and old students every year. Many extracurricular activities are offered. One thing that could change however is the food. It was always either too greasy or too dry.
This district was outstanding in their efforts to create the best environment for our students. The schools were relatively close-knit and worked together to keep all the district's students on the same page. Sporting events were great as well, as the district's teams were constantly competing for State-wide and even nation-wide honors. With all this being said, they were also very aware of modern day dangers and always had updated plans and policies in place in case of emergency and that was truly comforting for me as a student.
I was a student of Lexington 1 for 12 years, from Pre-K to 11th grade then I graduated a year early. I loved all the teachers, they were very encouraging and supportive, and the administration was always on top of any situation. Parents were always encouraged to be apart of activities and the sports were exceptional! For anyone wondering if they should send their student here, I say yes!
Lexington County District 1 is great for students to get opportunities for career readiness and community involvement. However, I would like to see district employees being more concerned about students as people and not as statistics or test scores.
I moved from a different state to Lexington, and went here for 2 years. It was a drastic change, but it was good! Everyone was so welcoming and helped me whenever I needed it. All of the teachers and faculty were so nice and really showed that they cared. You can tell that they genuinely love their jobs. The only thing that I'd change would be the school building itself. It's getting pretty old now, so I feel like there needs to be some work such as new bathrooms or new carpet. Despite that, all in all I had an amazing experience at Lexington. I couldn't have asked for a better high school experience. All of the opportunities that were given to me were unbelievable, and I am so thankful.
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Lexington 1 and Gilbert High School was a great experience for me. Teachers, faculty, and staff genuinely care about each and every student!
Great teachers and programs, many new schools. Many extracurricular programs and activities. Some of the older facilities weren't in great condition, but new schools were fantastic.
They are all about meeting test scores, and not fostering children as individuals. Their is a lacking guidance staff, and they suggest pills for your children instead of working with a child's unique possibilities
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