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There are many opportunities within my school to earn college credits for free, including AP classes, duel enrollment courses and an IB program.
Schools are pretty good here! Students are expected to live up to high expectations, which as a current student is a little difficult. The district can be a little showy at times and just care about test scores.
Great school district. Supportive of students and promoting education. Great faculty and staff, they really want to help the kids learn.
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It is a great district with great technology and a good learning environment. The teachers always offer support and want the best for students. I have been able to participate in sports and a job due to the flexibility of my teachers.
There isn't much diversity and there is little motivation for the students. Some of the teachers don't put in very much effort teaching and there are a lot of stupid bureaucratic rules.
I graduated from Lexington High School in Lexington County School District No. 1 in 2017. I enjoyed my teachers and playing athletics there. They did well keeping us safe. They didn't really give us that much freedom though, or allow us to be creative. The cafeteria food was also sub par, however the cafeteria staff was great.
We have a good variety of AP classes. We are the IB center and the Lexington Technology Center has good tech classes. The academics are some of the highest in the state. While we have a pretty good soccer and cheerleading team, the other sports are pretty bad. Also, the building is old and ugly compared to River Bluff.
I like that my district is a little diverse and doesn't have more of one race than another. I would like to see the school district crack down more on students with drug use. Instead of just expelling them try to connect with the student and see why they did it in the first place. As well as get them help.
Excellent school district that cares about students success. They are considered one of the top school districts in the state and when I moved there a could tell there was a considerable difference between LSD1 and other school districts.
Throughout my four years attending Lexington High School, my overall experience has been above average! Every single teacher that I have ran into is more than happy to sit down with you, and help you to their full extent to make sure you understand and learn any school work you were having trouble with.
The school are really good! Most of the teacher do everything they can to make sure you succeed. Some of the teacher could do a little better but maybe it only take time.
My kids have adhd and anxiety in their last school they struggled because they weren't given the time to be dealt with correctly. My daughter now in a new school has not gotten into any trouble loves her teacher the teacher takes her time to the best of her ability to help my daughter. I wish the teachers would give some time after school to help the kid's that are struggling. They offer a mentor to help at a ridiculous price.
The best part of LCSD1 is the technology center, which allows students a head start on technical careers.
This is a great school. The teachers and students are very nice and care about others. The teachers help you understand the material. They do labs to help you understand and learn as you go. If you don't have time to go to the labs, they will make time for you before, during, or after class.
I liked the college readiness that they've provided for all of the juniors and seniors. I'd like to see them start even earlier with freshman and start preparing them the same way they prepare the upper classman.
If you are an homeschool student, be prepared to be followed and put under extra scrunity. If you don't attend the school, they don't want you there.
I liked the drive for excellence that the whole school had. If you did not feel pushed by somebody then you were just not listening. Most teachers loved what they did and made the most out of every class, doing their best to make the message come across.
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Lexington 1 provides a wide variety of classes and experiences for high school students. Consistently ranked as a one of the top districts in the state, Lexington 1 has teachers that are truly invested in the success of their students.
As a senior at Lexington High School, I must say I have enjoyed my years in school. I have been attending Lexington School District 1 schools since kindergarden and honestly i would recommend it to anyone. Although it is school, it has been fun. The classes are fun, the teachers are fun, the sporting events are fun, and the people are fun. As I got older, throughout high school, I felt that my school became really strict on the students. For example, we can not leave the lunch room without a pass, but you can't go back to your class to get a pass if you forgot one. So to me, it doesn't make sense but I'm not in charge either. I hope that I can settle back in Lexington, SC when I graduate college to start a family because I know that my children will receive a great education.
The academics are excellent with motivated and well educated staff that are extremely helpful. However the facilities can be slightly run down and the food's condition is subpar.
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