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Lexington County School District No. 1 Reviews

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As I finish my final year at Lexington High School, there is a lot of refelecting to be done. In my years as a student here, I have been taught by so many great teachers, learned many valuable things not only in academics but in life as well. However, if there is something I could change about Lexington High School, it would have to be the freedom. I noticed that each year they got more strict about leaving the cafeteria during lunch until eventually you can’t leave unless you have a pass.
The school needs some renovations, but overall it is a nice school. Administration is really strict, but tends to not solve problems, just enforce more rules. They don't allow for creativity, they immediately shut them down. For example, at the football games the student section wanted to have a "white out" (the students wear white, paint faces, etc., but apparently it was racist. Everyone has grown to be so sensitive, just have fun!! The food selection is very limited. Some teachers are bitter, and do not care about their students.
I like many things about my school; however, i believe the best thing about my school is the wide range of opportunities for high school students. We are able to take specialized classes such as engineering, culinary arts, cosmetology, as well as a variety of buisness classes. There are many AP classes offered which i think is one great advantage my school has over some other schools. One thng that i think could be improved upon is the pressure put on students is enormous, leading to either an immense amount of stress or the lack of effort given by students because they believe the stress is not worth their effort or time.
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I like the school as it helps kids with getting into college and is very involved with the kids. The teachers teach and supply help to those who schedule it or who go to the help lab. The kids are not exactly the best, of course, it being a public school. The school might be a little too lenient since kids are coming in with tank tops and extremely short shorts or dresses. I’ve witnessed a boy come in with a leatard and no one dress coding him (even the teacher in that class looked and didn’t say anything). The kids curse a lot and the teachers don’t exactly stop them. So, I don’t hate the school, but I am sort of unhappy with how lenient the teachers are with disciplinary, dress coding, and the cursing because, when nobody stops it, the people who don’t want to see or hear it have to witness it and it’s not that welcoming. LHS
The school had high standards for students, many opportunities for exploration, and friendly staff that cared about students.
I love it here. However, it is the south, so diversity is lacking. Hopefully, we can change that in the near future.
Lexington county school district one has high expectations and standards. Students are expected to do their best and have a lot of support.
Best school district in South Carolina! The teachers are phenomenal and are determined to help us students reach our goal. School activities are 100% supported by students, even clubs! LCSD1 never fails at making education better every year.
Great school district. Overall, great experience. Great teachers! Awesome technology center for Health Science careers introduction.
The opportunities that are readily available and the challenging academic environment. The teachers truly want their students to be successful, but also to enjoy being in the classroom. Them encouraging students to step outside their comfort zone to expand knowledge.
I love this district. It has many more oputunities than the district I was previously in. One thing that I believe needs to change is the social and cultural diversity of the staff and students.
Overall, my high school experience has been pleasant and memorable due to not only the high quality of academics at LHS but also the teacher-student relationships I have built throughout my years there. There is always chances to take challenging classes taught by intelligent teachers which I enjoy. I was able to meet new people and try new activities because of the many opportunities for involvement at LHS. On the contrary, sometimes I personally feel that the administrators try to be involved too much and end up turning students away from them. Also, I felt that the set up of our scheduling was not always ideal for many reasons. Even with these few minor disadvantages that I feel about my school, I still believe that it is a great place for me to grow up and learn about not only academics but life; I am grateful to have been able to have such an amazing high school experience because of Lexington School District 1.
I grew up in Lexington County School District 1, from elementary school all the way through high school. The academics, teachers and program were brilliant- that is up until high school. River Bluff was my designated school and everything was excellent besides the disciplinary staff. The way in which students negative behavior is handled must change in order for River Bluff to run efficiently. My overall experience was very good, with no shootings, stabbings, or major obstacles holding me back from reaching my full academic potential.
The schools in Lexington School District One are good schools. Although they are good schools — they are clean and the education is up to par — the teachers and the principals are not as good as I hoped they would be.
I liked that the curriculum was challenging, and that help was available to those who sought it. However I wish there was more diversity in my school, and more of an effort to include and pay attention everyone, including clubs and less popular sports. I would also like better fine arts programs.
They are very serious about getting students ready for college with their curriculum, and that is very good way to give students some insight as to what college will consist of.
Great teacher involvement in Elementary and Middle schools but drops off at High School level. Really love safe environment in all schools. Great communication with parents. High School staff seems less involved with students and this is a little disappointing.
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I really enjoyed the area and how each school was kept up nicely. The teachers especially at white knoll I believe are some of the best teachers, they are very well educated and have a passion in teaching kids about academics and life choices, which is very important in life as we age. I think this district could improve by making these schools safer, because with all the events that have recently occurred I think its best do everything in our power to ensure the absolute safety of the children and staff at each school.
Lexington District 1 has a lot of resources for their students. They have award winning educational programs and standardized test results. Their programs give students preparation for the real world. They also have good athletic programs and a wide variety of clubs and groups to participate in. They value education and have a warm and welcoming environment in every school.
The atmosphere of Lexington school district 1 is amazing! The teachers are encouraging and the community is awesome!
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