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While attending Lexington City School I have had cherishing experiences from Kindergarten to my Senior year. Throughout these courses I gained plenty of knowledge that has prepared me for college. I liked how diverse Lexington City Schools is. I disliked the meal choices; changing the food menu would make things better. A bigger school would be beneficial to accommodate the growing generations.
it was lit i'm gonna miss it. teachers sucked and so did administration but I can't really complain I enjoyed my time there
Lexington City Schools is good, it's also a very diverse school. You get to do a lot of things, you also be involved in different things.
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I like how the whole school system works. Your teachers are always there when you need them even if it doesn’t have anything to do with school work. The environment in the school is very good.
I graduated from west davidson high school in Lexington, NC in 2013. My school was small and i personally enjoyed that because i knew everyone and everyone knew me, and it gave me a sense of small town community. The teachers were wonderful and always accessible.
What I like about Lexington City Schools is that there are teachers that actually care about their students. What I would like to see change is the respect the students have for their teachers.
I have spend in Lexington City Schools for more than half of my academic life. When I just moved here, I did experience some bad grades. I had bad grades because I just had moved from a state where most of my core classes were taught in Spanish. Then I moved to Lexington where all classes are taught in English. Because of that, I was given extra help through ESL classes. After two years, I was back on track with my grades and went back on being a straight A student. In seventh grade I was put in the AIG program because of my successful grades. If it wasn't for the extra help I received from my teachers the first two years, I would not have been successful in my academics like I am today.
I would like to see there be a change in SMOD, but overall it's a great experience. Also, I would like it if we didn't have to do year round school but I guess it's too late.
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