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I would like to see more evenness between the 5 high schools' feeder patterns. Some of them are overgrown and some of them are not grown into enough. Boundary lines should be redrawn.
Going to school at Lewisville pretty nice. They had diversity there and for the most part everyone got along with each other. They could make the classes a little harder starting from the freshman level to prepare them for college courses.
The district is devoted to its image, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. LISD works towards a technology-oriented school system, but isn't collectively responsive towards its own restrictions. There have been many instances where the technology and tools within its provided technology have been globally restricted by another LISD program.
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I am a senior at Marcus High school and it has been a great four years. There are so many resources and opportunities for myself to be very successful.
I have attended school in the Lewisville Independent School District for 13 years. During this time, I have been provided with all necessary resources to grow as a person as well as in my education. I was provided with the resources I needed in the form of teachers, peers, technology, etc. and am very satisfied with my experience in this district.
I really enjoyed attending school in the Lewisville independent school district! Overall it was a safe and comforting place to learn and grow.
lewisville is an alright school we have just started a new movement of kindness basically stating that we as human should be kind. we have lesson on being kind people every week. i believe its making difference in our high school and how we as a whole feel about one another.
Education was exemplary, but there were too many people in such a small school, the lunches were terrible, and the didn’t know what they were doing most of the time.
I really enjoyed being in the Lewisville Independent school district. My teachers really made feel ready for college. The counselors are so kind and helpful. Being a Flower Mound Cheerleader has given me some of the best experiences. I love promoting school spirit and morale. My best friends have been made through icebreaker activities on the first day. Being an LISD Kindness Ambassador has not only encouraged me to be a better student but also a better friend to anyone and everyone I meet.
The teachers are compassionate to students. Location is great. You get to know all the students on a first name basis. They prepare the students for college readiness. They promote safety to all students. A diverse district that supports freedom of speech for all students. Students can participate in all sports. Parents can get involved with the PTA and Booster club. The food can use some improvement, but it is edible. The facilities are clean. I am excited I am a senior graduating May 2019. The guidance counselor support has been great. I loved all my teachers. I am eager to start my next life in college.
This district provides top-notch education, but the administration is run poorly as there is little communication between the District Board and its school's principles.
I liked that they would actually care about their students. Teachers would check up on some students and when in trouble would ask for more help. They provide many answers to what you may have and if they don't know then and there then they find out and get back to you as soon as possible. If I could change anything then it would be the substitutes because most of them never really cared what happened in class.
I love how supportive the teachers are and how quiet a few are extremely available for tutoring beyond school hours. They have lots of programs for SAT prep which is amazing and all kinds of options within the cafeteria. There is very friendly staff too. The lunch ladies and janitorial staff is very involved with the students. However, my high school in particular has a few problems with roaches. I would love if they’d be able to fix this. Also, my school has developed a “marauder time” which is a study hall once a week. I think LISD should do away with this extra study time in the middle of the day as 30 minutes isn’t long enough to complete any important task.
After finishing my sophomore year at Killough high school, I was terrified of beginning my junior year at Lewisville high, it was a bigger school and my impression was that it would be freshman year all over again. But I had nothing to worry about, it felt like home. The teachers I encountered were amazing, when it came down to homework and assignments, they were extremely helpful and understanding. The campus is highly diverse and the students and staff are remarkably friendly. Moreover, I am proud to be a fighting farmer, I wouldn't change it for the world.
Teachers truly care about every student. In a world where private education is rapidly growing, this school district stands firm in their commitment to excellence. I was in this school district for my entire life and received a remarkable education that rivals any in the country. Everyone is working towards the same goal, the best education possible.
My experience as a student at Lewisville High school I would say was a tremendous experience and I wish to see many others enjoy the opportunity to go here. Lewisville high school I must say is one of the most diverse schools I have seen or even heard of with people from all over the world. Learning in such a diverse environment creates Many perspectives amongst the students at Lewisville High school, thus creating an atmosphere in which students may ask each other for help without fear of judgement or being shunned.
Lewisville High school also has some of the greatest staff a school could have, almost all educators and resources here are willing to help students with any problems that may Occur from either an Academic or personal experience.
It's a good learning environment, with an amazing staff. Teachers want every student to succeed, and they will take time out of their day to help in any way possible. LISD has also supplied amazing technology and research options. Students are also able to explore different careers with Dale Jackson and the Career Center East. This is an amazing opportunity to have hands on assignments to prepare for the real world.
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I love the educational and extracurricular programs that the district has. The teachers and coaches are awesome. The school culture is very spirited and everyone is close together. I feel like my school is Lewisville ISD is some of the best schools to be in.
I enjoyed the opportunities that the school district had provided for us, students. This includes having iPads as learning tools and also promoting safety. However there some issues that came with being in a school provides their students with iPads. Many websites including would be blocked and some teachers would see them as distractions other than learning tools. By the school promoting safety, it went a bit too far locking doors to exits and also having someone by the doors during school and lunch hours checking I.D. cards of students. That made students feel like prisoners on campus.
well at Lewisville school districted we as people are all treated equally including females there is never a favorite race nor fave gender. i would change much about my district
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