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I have recently had to move my son to the charter school in town as the regular schools were failing him. However the public charter school is amazing!
While my own experience was very good, I can see why others would say otherwise. If you don't find your niche, you aren't going to have a good time. Even then, it is frustrating that most of the extra funds go towards athletics. As a basement dweller (music and arts) student, it was frustrating that the music department had to raise all our money on our own, and how the art teachers have to buy almost all their own supplies. Lewiston has amazing performers and artists - give them the funds to do good work!
I have really enjoyed attending this school department. All of the teachers are helpful, kind, and dedicated to helping their students succeed.
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Overall, this is a good school department. I have loved going here! The teachers are always supportive and caring, and they do a great job!
My experience so far at Lewiston High School has allowed me to develop an array of skills. I have taken AP classes and attended the attached technical center, which has helped me strengthen my skills in my desired career path. Students and staff are very friendly, and there are lots of things to get involved with after school, be it sports or clubs.
Lewiston has a large amount of diversity and multi-culture students. I believe that all staff work 200% above and beyond their expectatins in helping a child be successful in school and beyond.
There's a lot of diversity. The only negative is that some of the administrators are rude and seem like they hate their jobs.
Most people are warm welcoming and open to helping you with whatever you may need and stay with you after school for extra help. The aspirations coordinator has been the biggest help of all with the college process for me and my peers and Lewiston High School is very lucky to have him. He is one of the biggest assets to the school.
Lewiston's sports are amazing, definitely the best high school sports team around. I think they need to focus more on helping kids get ready for college. Their hall monitors are a waste of the taxpayers money.
Its a good school but some teachers don't care about their students which causes many to suffer. There are many diverse children, and I haven't seen an issue within groups of people because of it
I have been a student in the Lewiston Public School system from kindergarten through grade 12 and obviously there are always things to complain about as there is with any school system, but overall I would not have wanted to attend anywhere else. The teachers are involved and caring, the students are good kids, and there's plenty of things to be involved in for every type of student. The schools are large and very diverse, not just racially, allowing for interaction with every type of person. The high school is affiliated with a technical center that is right on campus allowing career-oriented opportunities for students. Many students leave feeling prepared for college and the real world.
I liked that there was so much college preparation involved in the curriculum but I definitely would like to see more teachers engaged in what they are teaching. A lot of teachers are passionate about their subject but there are more than a few that clearly indicate that they are not happy with their placement in the building. Lewiston schools are also extremely diverse, which ultimately brings a large amount of cultural studying and learning by experience.
I like the way teachers are easily able to openly communicate with teachers. The guidance office actually cares about their students, and want them to succeed.
I would like to see more knowledgeable math teachers. I like the schools, and overall the staff are good, hard workers.
I really love Lewiston. My school offers many foreign languages and the facility staff are amazing. This is the second high school I've attended because I recently moved here and It is the best one. We have many opportunities to earn college credit and experience the college campuses.
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