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Lewiston-Porter Central School District Reviews

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Lewiston-Porter is an excellent school district! I have had so many caring and intelligent teachers. The opportunities for AP classes and study abroad trips are outstanding.
My children were in a private school, and when we moved to the Lewiston Porter District, I was worried about changing to a public school. We are so glad we did! The teachers have all been amazing. My children love going to school, and the education they are receiving is definitely advanced. They were actually behind when they switched from a private school. We couldn't be happier with our children's education. The only negative, is that there is no aid on the school bus.
I moved to Lewiston during the summer of 2013 and when it came time to go to school, I felt welcomed by the faculty and students. The transition wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I made very good friends here. In high school i participated in soccer and the grass field was very well taked care of. It was the nicest grass field in our league. There was also a brand new weight room constructed in 2016. The facilities are very nice and being an athletic person, it was convenient. Overall my experience was excellent.
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I loved this school and would recommend it to anyone it has been amazing to be there. All the teachers and staff and everyone in general was amazing.
I have had my children attend LP their entire school career. It is a wonderful school with a group of very dedicated teachers.
My overall experience thus far has been a good one. Although there is not much diversity, the academics and amazing programs (like art) make the school a very good environment to grow up in as well as learn in. The many AP classes offered allow for the chance to gain college credit at a much cheaper cost. Allowing some to even graduate years earlier than originally expected. The school also offers many clubs and after school activites that allow students to indulge in other things they may like. I believe this school produces well-rounded students.
I've attended Lewiston-Porter since I was in kindergarten. The small district is really special because I've grown up alongside the same people, and it's like my class is one big family. All the teachers are fantastic, I've had very few negative experiences with them. This district is one of the few with in the county with a strong music program, which is something very special and unique to this school. However, it is in danger of being cut, and I would love to see more music classes and more participation in the music program. There are so many AP course offerings as well, but there is always room for more. Teachers and counselors are so flexible about scheduling, so you can take all the classes you want to. There isn't anything that I'd change, other than increasing the strength of the arts programs. Overall, this is a wonderful school district and I've had the most wonderful time learning and growing through the schools of this district.
This was a school with a great community and support staff. The teachers were very invested in the overall success of the students and their futures!
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