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The counselors were awesome at my high school. They always helped me register for dual credit college courses and took time to really get to know me.
I enjoy the Music Program at Lewiston High School very much, though I wish it received more funding and attention. Sports receive the most attention from the administration, and it would be nice if the music program was recognized for its achievements.
While I was attending Lewiston High School I contracted a rare virus (Acute Flaccid Myelitis) my Junior year which ultimately has left me partially paralyzed in my left shoulder and arm. During the time the entire school came together and supported me. The principal took my under his wing upon my return to school after almost 1 1/2 months - and continued to track my progress. My teachers accommodated my absence from school and helped me to get back on track. The Basketball team held a fundraiser for me and raised a significant amount of money that has been used to my ongoing medical expenses.
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I love my school district. They work with their students in a lower teacher to student ratio, and their teachers on furthering their education.
I have had a really great experience at Lewiston High School over the past three years. The staff here are very helpful with school related and non-school related topics. I feel the staff and students at this school has helped prepare me for my next step in life.
I kinda felt like they contributed more to my failures than my successes. I made a lot of friends but definitely think Lewiston High could improve more on their academics and their ability to motivate kids. I received a 2.8 in high school and then a 4.0 my first semester of college with extra curricular activities on top of work and school.
What I liked about this district is the fact that all of the teachers within the district try as hard as they possibly can to help the students succeed. What I would like to see change is the way we are taught. To make it more adaptable and make it so the students can easily take what they are taught and bring it to the real world.
My experience at the Lewiston Senior High School has been boring yet opened my eyes to the real world. It taught me principles I hadn't yet learned like, things don't come easy and you have to work for what you have. It is similar to most schools, high school drama, bad lunch food, and a strong sports back-round. The thing that is special is the teachers at LHS they are always there to help whenever a student needs it. No matter how bad there day is going, no matter how underpaid they are, they are there to teach the students and support them with advise to get through hard times.
I love how they try to get the kids involved with more things around the community but some of that stuff is a bore. Maybe kick it up a notch and really get the word out to teens.
Lewiston Senior High School offers 8 classes a semester in a convenient (but equally confusing) system. The school is a mix of traditional and nontraditional teachers. The quality of your experience depends on the teachers you have and your willingness to learn at your own will. In my own opinion, the school does not offer creative freedom which could be improved.
Lewiston high school is definitely one of the best schools in the Lewis/Clark valley. We do so many amazing activities and we are always involved in our community. We currently do a spirit week with lots of hyping up for events such as sports, Golden Throne, etc. I am currently a Junior enrolled there but so far my expiernce has been great. Teachers are always there for after school help and they even give us a option to do evening academy. My favorite part is that the teachers are a part of all spirit weeks and even activities during assemblys. I wouldnt recomend a different school for anyone to go too. GO BENGALS!
The Lewiston Independent School District is a wonderful place to allow kids of any demographic to grow and learn.
They need a new high school. But other than it was a great school district to get raised up in. Wonderful teachers and community. Great overall atmosphere.
I currently go to the high school, and I really enjoy the atmosphere of our school spirit. It is your typical high school and has a lot of supporting staff and teachers. The school's current facility is in bad shape, but the decision to built a new high school has been passed, so this will be taken care of in a matter of years. There could be more resources, but the school does a good job at maintaining most of the technology updated in small increments.
Lewiston Independent School District is truly one of a kind. It is a small district so there are more one-on-one chances between administrators and students/parents. The facilities are not the best. However, there will be a new high school built so that will increase the value of the Lewiston Independent School District.
Lewiston is a small high school serving grades 10-12 with excellent teachers and a very well rounded course curriculum. The main problem with the school district is the age of the school. It is quite old with many maintenance issues.
Coming from a broken home when I was younger, my grandmother was my main caregiver. At the same time she enrolled me in an excellent private school to try and ensure a successful academic upbringing despite some social deficiencies. The private school is not the school that is being rated, however I am using it as a high expectations baseline.

The transition from a private school to a public a school was not easy, not having friends was the main part. Teachers on the other hand truly cared about my well being. They helped me not only academically but went above and beyond and helped me to intertwine into the predicting student body.

Throughout my junior high and high school years I do not believe that I could not have had teachers that would have tried harder to help each of their students succeed.
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The staff at Lewiston Senior High School were one of a kind. They care about the students and, for the most part, try to get to know the students on a personal level as well. The academics and athletic programs are really wonderful. The coaches work hard to make sure the student athletes maintain focus in class and on the field.
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