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Lewiston Consolidated Schools Reviews

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My experience at Lewiston Consolidated School was one I will never forget. They had great academics and were about you learning but also wanted to have fun while learning. Not only were they focused on your education, they tried getting everyone involved in everything going on around you whether it was sports or other activities such as choir, band, clubs, ex. One thing I would like to see change is the teachers being a little more focused on teaching. A couple of the teachers seemed to try to become friends with students instead of wanting to teach them about their education. In sports it was like you had to have the right last name to get to play if you didn't have the certain last name they liked, you didn't get to play even if you were good at the sport or not.
Lewiston School is a safe and welcoming place to send your children. They have a low teacher to student ratio, which means more individual help for your child. The sports programs give all the kids an opportunity to be involved. I just wish more of the option kids wanted to participate. We made this choice for our children and have never regretted it.
I enjoy the small classes. Everyone knows everyone. I currently attend at LCS and have been going here since 4th grade. I am friends with most people in the school. This school involves everyone from sports to clubs. We have a class known as Senior Survival Skills, which teaches the Seniors how to pay bills, balance checks, control a bank account etc... just to prepare you for the real world when you are on your own.
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The school is very small which isn’t bad but as small as it is you’d think we received more individualized help. I worry about my college readiness as the teachers didn’t necessarily push us to be our best, they just came to work. The passion for teaching just wasn’t there. Not many clubs are offered and if you are involved very few activities happen. Very notorious for having poor sport programs and a lack of numbers which results in lost talent. The school board meetings are a fighting session and students and parents have been yelled at for voicing their own opinions so many stopped attending.
Lewiston succeeded in preparing me for college, and it was small enough to where I was able to get involved with many groups and athletics. I graduated with a bunch of friends that felt more like siblings, and the confidence that I would succeed in college.
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