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Most of the teachers are good. Strong math and science departments. Most kids are involved in extricurriclars, either sports or music mostly.
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The faculty at Lewisburg really try hard to get to know the students that attend the school. Being a student that went to Lewisburg at the end of my junior year, they flocked to me. They tried hard to get to know me and ask me about myself and tried to work with me a lot to get to me comfortable with the school. I loved that they take the time out of day to get to know students. By the end of my senior year, you would have thought that I have been in the school district for years.
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Lewisburg is a great district for creating everlasting friendships. Sometimes I feel like the education aspect could be better about the school. The administration could also handle things better. The music department though, is incredible.
Lewisburg Area High School acts on an old reputation, rather than constantly trying to improve the system and lives of the students.
Very good arts programs, teachers are caring, and overall has lots of positive vibes. Academics not really up to par with bigger more rural schools and food is so so, but it’s a cozy environment.
I loved Lewisburg High School. I had wonderful teachers. My only complaint are the AP courses. I feel like the teachers do not spend enough time teaching students how to prepare for the AP exam so that they can get credit for the course.
The teachers truly care about the students and put forth their best efforts. While the student population is pretty stereotypically "high school," I think Lewisburg has an especially kind and sportsmanlike community. We are constantly recognized for that at our sporting events. We are great at coming together when a call for help presents itself. The academics opportunities are rapidly growing, but we need to ditch the backwards culture of taking classes for the weight or feeling like we can't take a class we want to because of class rank.
Great teachers for the most part, however racism sexism classicism and other discriminatory behaviors are rampant and go widely unchecked.
Very good school district at times can be very advanced academically. The new High School is beautiful!!
Lewisburg area school district is a blossoming community with an above competent educational team. The district overcame many social issues with relative grace and continues of exude a feeling of learning, progress and improvement.
I like the school district overall. It is a very safe place. The teachers are fairly nice. The student body is okay. They tend to form cliques and are very judgmental. Diversity is very low as well which is a big downside personally.
I have attended the school district since 2nd grade. I have always felt like I had support from all my teachers and principals. I am able to participate in many school sponsored activities like baseball, Odyssey of the Minds, and School Minds. I have enjoyed my school experience so far and they prepared me for what ever comes next.
I liked the music program and the opportunity to participate in state music festivals. I also liked that I could take a lot of AP courses and be prepared to do well on the AP tests to get college credit. Not all of the teachers were great, but I had some very good ones throughout my four years there. I enjoyed getting to be involved in a variety of clubs and community activities.
Lewisburg Area School District has offered me a great learning environment since elementary school. The teachers are always willing to help and go to the next level in order to help a student prepare for what is ahead of them after high school. The school district has also made a lot of opportunities available to me, that I would not have received at other schools. In the summer of 2016, I was able to take a college class at Bucknell University all because of Lewisburg's connection with Bucknell. Additionally, Lewisburg has a wide variety of clubs and sports available to the students. If there is anything Lewisburg could improve upon, it would be their techniques for teaching writing. Most of the teachers explain how tor write for test, like informational writing, but they do not go over creative writing. Overall, Lewisburg Area School District is a top preforming school.
I moved into Lewisburg Area High School prior to my junior year of high school and have enjoyed and made the most out of my experience. The dedication from the administration is uncanny and the results are obvious. To me, it seems that sports programs and safety are lacking a bit, but are definitely improving.
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They put the children's education first but they do not care about other stress factors. They push you really hard to succeed but they do not take into account that some students have mental disorders and cannot handle it. I Love the school, but I wish that they would be a lot more understanding.
Throughout my entire experience in the Lewisburg Area School District, I've been given the best opportunities to excel in my studies. It has helped me to thrive in my surroundings, and be prepared for whatever my future may hold.
Academics are heavily pushed at this school. Most of the teachers genuinely care about their students, although there are exceptions. There are many opportunities for clubs and sports, and in 2017 we are getting a new high school. The food isn't great, but it isn't horrible. The school nurse works part time, so make sure you don't become sick while she is absent. Recent occurrences are the reason why this school deserves a low safety rating.
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