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It was an amazing school! The atmosphere there was great! All the kids there loved going to sporting events and we constantly involved in the community.
I came to LP as a sophomore in the middle of the year. Immediately the staff made me feel at home, even when I was unreceptive. As I made friends and attended social events, I liked the school a lot better. Overall my 2.5 years there were amazing. I met so many awesome students and staff. The education is rigorous, but prepared me for college in ways my first HS did not. The staff made exceptional effort to educate and made me feel like part of the Ranger family. I will miss my time at LP, and will cherish the memories I made.
The school did not do a very good job of trying to facilitate relationships. Also, the Physical Education Progrma needed work. PE teachers rather than aiding in students forming relationships and encouraging them in sports, they were detached and were trying to just get through the day. I was bullied in one of my PE classes and the teacher did nothing about it despite me pleading with him. The academics of the school were alright. The Pre-Calculus teacher I had Mrs. Thirkell won multiple awards and she always made a note to help out student in her own time, but she went very quickly through the material and I am a slower learner. The school because they are a public highschool seems to leave students behind and fails to accommodate people that learn differently. If you are a very academic person that is in their band program you would thrive, I am neither, so I was a lucky to make it out with a 3.5 GPA.
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Lewis-Palmer prepared me for my college career in more ways than I ever realized. The high-school curriculum is advanced and well taught by the faculty. When I started taking college courses I realized how much of the basics I already knew, and that was because of my math, English, and science courses at Lewis-Palmer High School.
I have had an overall good experience here. Although there are a few bumps (such as it is impossible to get a meeting with the counselors or change classes) the education you get is worth it. The science department is a little shakey (its very hard and seems like the teachers are more focused on content than learning) but the social studies and department are unparalleled
It was a great up and coming school with many tech/computer classes offered. Didn't like that the teachers couldn't change or better the curriculum at all since it followed the common core.
I have always had to move every couple of years, so it was nice to have a chance to stay at a school for all years. I have made amazing friends; however, there is an incredible amount of bullying that happens, but no one reports. It’s hard to see a friend that has a hard time, so I would love to see teachers asking there students if anything has happened. I also love most of the classes I take, but I don’t agree with all of the high school requirements. Schools should be based off of what a student want to do in the future, and trying to make that student succeed with that particular career or college in mind. Overall, I have made friends that care for me a lot and I have completed the basics for the college I would like to go into.
Lewis-Palmer school district 38 has treated me very well in my nine years of attendance. The academics in D38 are a prominent part of every school. The teachers and staff are always willing to help if you ask for it. School District No. 38 is a very good school that strives to make the world a better place.
Overall, the school is good. Lewis-Palmer is definitely one of the more physically safer schools in Colorado and the academics is great. However, some of the teachers aren't that great at teaching or hold favoritism very strongly, which makes learning harder for some students. There is very little diversity here and the resources aren't that great.
I think the culture and administration in this district are very limiting. The administration does little to please the students and appeal to their individualism and school spirit through student led events and ideas. However, the academics in this district are beyond expectations. Many students take college courses and earn credits before attending a university. The athletics are a welcoming environment and offer a chance for students to get recognized to play at the college level.
Lewis-Palmer High School was a very good school to attend. I learned the basics to become prepared for college. The only thing I would change about the school is the computers that are available to the students. I had many times during very intense tests where the computer would crash and I'd lose my progress.
The teachers and staff at LP school district are amazing, they always make sure you’re on track and are willing o help in any way possible. The sports programs are amazing and very involved and the student life as well. Truly something for everyone at district 38.
My overall experience in District No. 38 was good. Nevertheless, still lots need to be done for truly helping people with disabilities (integration) and eliminating bullying!
I enjoyed LP for four years and overall it's a great place to go. The teachers are great but there is too much politics in the athletic department.
Lewis Palmer is very academically inclined and will reward you well for working hard and being involved in sports and other extracurriculars. School spirit is pretty good and competitiveness is high in athletics.
I had a wonderful 12 years in this district, from elementary to middle to high school the staff and education is outstanding. My first semester of college was teaching me things I learned 3 years ago from this school district.
I loved the teaching staff. They all make sure to get to know each student and find who you really are. They’d help you out with any situation in a heartbeat. There’s many options for different classes to take which may relate to your furtive career choice.
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Classes smaller for primary subjects. Momument is rapidly growing ans the classes are getting overstocked with students and over worked teachers.
It was pretty good! The teacher's are very involved in all the activities, the students tend to do a lot together outside of school, and the administration keeps the school very safe. The classes are at a higher level, but the teachers are always very willing to give any student extra help. There is a club for everyone so it's almost impossible to not be involved in something. However, if you're not ready to be a high achiever you will struggle a lot to fit in because LPHS is definitely a high school for high achieving, hard-working individuals; and the teachers and administrators except this too.
We love the school district - the only complaint I have is that there is no orchestra. The middle and high school have stage band but will not open it up to string players.
We have a freshman and sophomore and I work for the district also.
I have to say there is not much diversity in this district but other than these two things, we are very happy.
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