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I would like to see more involvement in sports especially football. The student section appears to become smaller each year.
Everyone at Lewis County schools is very nice. The teachers are very supportive. They have prepared me for college and life after high school. Lewis County Schools is a very good place for kids to attend school.
Nice school facilities with caring teachers and staff. The biggest weakness is really working with students to prepare for college. Everything seems to be on the students to request help instead of having frequent opportunities for students to take advantage of.
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The school system isn't great. Faculty and staff don't prepare you for college at all, and administration doesn't even consider trying to change it. The best the school has is sports, and even with that I barely give it a "3". They are completely uncultured and allow far more than they should, going so far as to allow teachers to chew snuff on school property, even during class.
I currently have a Senior at LCHS, and I have to say, it's a very safe place, and the staff is extremely curtious. I have seen many changes in the last four years, and since our new principal has been there, the atmosphere and overall appearance of the school has improved drastically. The school is much cleaner, and presents a beautiful display of art work done by the art students. Our new principal believes in allowing the students to take part in improving the school.
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