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The teacher always welcome you and make you feel good in their classroom and I know that they care about me. One thing I would like to see change would be how the students in the school treat one another, it is not always a nice, caring environment for all.
I had an overall good experience at Lewis Central. I thought the school offered great classes, they were pretty flexible, and for the most part the teachers and students were friendly and welcoming. If I we to change one thing about this school, it would be parent involvement in school and extra curricular activities. Parents pretty much run the school because no coach or faculty member is going to tell a parent no or ignore them. Everything is very political as well. For example, there were boys who did not get on NHS their junior year because they egged a teachers house. They got on the next year, and when they got suspended that year for drinking and trespassing, they were kicked off then put back on by administration.
Lewis Central High School and the entire public school system is definitely above average in many aspects and is a great place to learn and grow.
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Lewis Central has a great community. The teachers are there to help each and every student succeed and want them to do their best. The students are there to do their best as well and many are involved in lots of activities.
Lewis Central is a great school district with supportive teachers, a loving learning community, and endless extra curricular activities
You really feel like a community there, most students as well as teachers are respectful and trustworthy. Also how well this school prepares their student for college is amazing, it helped me a lot later down the road. I would like to see a change in classes offered, to have a wider selection
I really enjoyed my time at Lewis Central. If in Council Bluffs, wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else. Need the practice fields behind the school fixed ASAP. Athletic Director only cares about a couple of sports.
Most teachers are caring and straight forward. They go above and beyond to ensure every students education is unique and personnel. Words are meet with corresponding actions. However, parts of the school should not be held to a high standard. It is your typical high school that spends more time on sports than on students well being, ability to have opinions heard, and programs that further college understanding and readiness. The academics that are highly respected are supported well and are publicized. There is a very little diversity. Most of the teachers are their to do good for the students. Some are not as good. There are some that seem to put the selves above the rest of the teachers, including the administration. They seem to be judge, jury, and executioner. They support college readiness of any profession that you make the school look good, not what would make the students feel good. Parents are not supported.
Lewis Central is a great place for many different types of people, sporty, nerdy, socialistic, and many more different types of different types of people go here and feel welcomed in this environment. I myself transferred here and I use to have problems with teachers and other students but at Lewis Central I felt welcome since the first day.
My overall experience at Lewis Central was a very memorable experience. I learned a lot and the teachers were very helpful. The only negative thing about the school is it was all politics and who you were in the world, you got more privalges than someone whom isn't popular. Other then that my over all time there was very worth while and I'm happy to call myself a Lewis central graduate
Overall Lewis Central is a Great school! It has great people, amazing teachers, and does all it can to make sure students are prepared for college. If I had to change anything, it would be that we need to do something to stop bullying more. Anytime the administration hears about it the do not do anything to stop it from happening. This has caused many student to transfer. I am not sure I like that. Other than that Lewis Central is a great school!
I like the way things are but I also think the school needs to reconsider the way some of the teachers are treating students sometimes and the way some of the teachers are teaching.
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