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Levittown Union Free School District Reviews

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My time here at Levittown school district has been a fantastic experience. I owe many teachers for the experiences I have had over the years. My journey through Kindergarten until my senior year have been eventful. They include trips, band, class officer to name a few.
My parents went here, as many of my classmates too. It’s that sort of neighborhood. But it is definitely changing. Safety concerns , and building conditions are starting to deteriorate.
Sports are very important, and the schools have excellent clubs, and AP college level courses
Administration and Faculty awesome! Athletic Department needs improvement. More can be done for student camaraderie.
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I went to Levittown Schools and I loved it. I was totally prepared for life. My children also went to Levittown Schools and they are very successful!
Most of my teachers have been amazing and have provided me with the resources that i need to study for regents, midterms, and/or AP exams, having extra help classes, using castle learning, handing me packets, etc. The counselors have also been great at guiding me for what matters to me the most: college. My counselor has been straight forward with me and has told me which schools are ideal for me. The only negative thing I can observe is how the school and district overall is quite lacking in diversity, but besides that it has a great academic environment, and I’m very thankful my family moved here.
I spend my entire primary education in the Levittown school district, and had amazing teachers and resources at my fingertips helping me to prosper. As a student who took accelerated and advanced placement courses, I found this work hard and rewarding, and really prepared me for college. The faculty and staff work around the clock to make sure that every day goes smoothly, and I am very impressed with new safety measures which have been implemented in the last year. Overall, my experience in the Levittown school district has been nothing but pleasant.
I love the AP Program and all of the AP teachers. When I was in a regular class, the kids behavior went uncorrected and it was difficult to learn anything in the mayhem. I thoroughly enjoyed the dance class and was in it for all four years. My overall educational experience was good.
This is an all around great school district. They have many involvements for all the kids to enjoy. I believe that the teachers need to help teach the kids more common sense like how to tie their shoes. The teachers should encourage the parents of the students to encourage the children to read and to help them read if they don't know how to read yet.
Academically a great school but they live off their special ed. reputation which is not as good as anyone thinks...they are overpaid and lazy and my son who has down syndrome regressed due to their lack of concern and laziness
Very kind and caring administration that helped me out in my time of need. Excellent teachers that really care about their students.
My parents graduated from here and now my little sister attends this school district. Her teachers are mostly good and the school has some decent events. Busing is excellent and sports are good.
I have experienced things I do not think I will ever experience again. These past years have been a struggle, yet also so rewarding. I did things I never thought I would be able to do. I met people who helped me through my hardest days and learned so much about myself. I am prepared to go further into this world.
Levittown Public Schools prepared me for highschool. I lived in New York and moved to Texas a week before my freshman year started. Levittown Public School District was very rigorous with the regents testing and the demand for excellence that was available without being too overbearing for a middle schooler.
Salk Middle School was a great place to make my transition to high school. There were a couple of middle schools in my district, I was lucky enough to go to the best one.
Levittown Public Schools has a wide array of class choices in their high schools, and a very large amount of after school clubs and activities to be participated in. Levittown is home to a large amount of dedicated, caring teachers, who seek the best for their students. It was overall a great schooling experience.
The educators are great!! However, certain things such as access to potable drinking water would be a very good idea.
Great 4 years awesome teachers and sports are very competitive , they get you ready for college and are very supportive of you, parent involvement in also a big plus at MacArthur high school,
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Excellent school district that offered many diverse programs at the high school level. The teachers are outstanding and friendly. Many of these teachers have had a great impact on my life and desire to succeed.
I had a wonderful experience in both elementary and middle school. Throughout my time in high school I have greatly enjoyed a few of my teachers and they're have been some amazing staff members. Activities such as spirit night and homecoming are also very fun.
My time at General Douglas MacArthur High School could not be described as anything but extraordinary. The way I've connected with all my teachers and peers and felt so welcome at all times has made my experience here so overwhelmingly beautiful!
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