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I love the people here. They are respectful and kind. The students help one another and guide each other to a brighter future. The teachers enjoy their jobs and it shows. They treat every student with kindness and help them grow into someone better.
I have attended Leslie Public Schools for over ten years now and I would rate my experience here as average. Nothing to spectacular and nothing to bland.
Leslie has some very splendid teachers. I will admit as much as studying hurts it does pay off and all of our teachers since middle school have helped us learn how to study. My teachers always made sure I knew what I was doing. Together as a school district they do good at keeping it fun and also setting goals such as above average test scores, Which we have achieved according to my very funny and intelligent principal.:)
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Teachers could be better. You only get into honors if you know teachers and they pull strings for you. Lots of fun groups to get involved in though, people are mainly nice.
I would like to see more dedicated teachers and more money put into sports other than football. I would also like to see more disciplinary action done with sexual harassment cases instead of blaming the victim. Some teachers shouldn't even be qualified to teach, for all they do is play videos and expect you to learn from that.
Absolutely love the school district. Attended my whole life and plan on putting my own children through the district eventually. Teachers are amazing and immersive, and they are always willing to help. Extracurricular activities are plenty and everyone is encouraged to participate. Would recommend the school to anyone
Leslie has been a school. There are a lot of things that go un-noticed. Some people get penalized and others do not. Some people made school fun, but mostly it was bad.
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