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Leon County schools are schools in Tallahassee that care about their student's successes. They offer volunteer programs, financial aid programs, and tutoring programs to get their students the best educational needs possible. The requirements are very high because they want their students to succeed leaving high school to go to college. They have extraordinary advice like what colleges are looking for and what us students need to do to get in competitive schools like GPA and SAT requirements need to be good. Leon County schools motivate their students to succeed in all levels and they protect us from harm's way. We do drills at school when it comes to emergencies like natural disasters and threats. My school is actually a sheltered school just in case of tornadoes and hurricanes. Leon County schools are the best schools for children's successes in all aspects of a child's life.
I attended Lincoln High School for 4 years and haven't experienced any difficulty yet. As far as my knowledge goes all other Leon County schools are amazing.
I love how we are always looking on things to improve for our community! There are always service projects that are awesome and help out community in so many ways.
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Leon county schools does everything they can to ensure that their students are prepared to face the outside world and advance to the college level.
I am not from Leon County but I do not like the way they do things. My 6 year old started out in home schooling kindergarten than I took him out and put him in regular school and they started him in Pre-K. My 6 year old has a few elements and need a Aid to help him around school the school didn't give him one only a school bus to bring him him and pick him up. Which it picks up a lot of other kids. My son has breathing issues and need his pump which he isn't allowed to have on bus says he school which the bus driver will allow on bus. I just took my son back out and plan on home schooling him again because I am not getting the help I need from the School Board.
I have had a positive experience overall. School safety should be addressed with a more realistic plan for possible events.
I can speak for Chiles High School specifically, but all of Leon County Schools are amazing. The classes, students, athletics, teachers, and atmosphere are very conducive to learning and bettering ourselves. Chiles High School (only because I attend this specific school) has a great class selection and staff to match them. Two thumbs up!
Leon County Schools is a good school system, that accommodates all children. Plenty of organizations, clubs, and sports to participate in. Every school has a deputy on-site so there is safety at all times.
My experience so far at James S. Rickards High Scho has been life changing. If has introduced me to the challenges that I may face in the real world and it has been rewarding.
It is convenient to my job. I dislike how they prepare students for college . There is a lack of academic curriculum, a lack of diverse class offerings in academics as well as extracurricular activities. Teachers are under paid and not enough staff on campus.
Leon school system had a nice diversity. Although some schools don't have a good school score, they have improved with programs. Also, there is school of choice which is convenient considering Tallahassee is surrounded by smaller cities and most parents drive here to work. From my experience the teachers communicate well if you're an involved parent. I love that they have parent Portal, which is a way to see that your childs grades are as well as assignments coming up. I believe this has helped me alot die to the fact that children often forget it hey side tracked. To sum it up. I love Leon county School system.
Leon High School is a diverse environment that can take you far. Every teacher I’ve had has touched my life and if you need extra help there are many ways to get help in academics. You can open your own clubs, and participate in many others including honor societies. I love everything about Leon High School, being alumni from there will also make all the difference. The grand ole school on the Hill has a lot of history and character. Leon puts on many events including rocktoberfest, fight cancer week, positively post it , and so much more! The school radiates positivity and excellence.
I like the different educational activities that we have.Leon County Schools is an above average, public school district located in Tallahassee, FL. It has 33,681 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1. According to state test experience at Leon county school shad its high and lows. I learned a lot about my self over the years and the importance of education. I can say the food was terrible and 9 times out of ten not authentic. But I loved the teachers that made lessons hands on and creative. It inspired me to learn and read more. I've joined the marching bands auxiliary over the years in high school. In middle school I joined the dance team. In elementary I loved art and music class. I wish it was more college prep class available and dual enrollment as well. Also better equipment such as technology as well.
I enjoyed my experience at Leon County High School. I was asked to be apart of the fashion show there back in 2017 and I really enjoyed it.
Leon county is great, friendly and have amazing administration. I've lived in Tallahassee all my life and the school board is really involved. I have been attending Leon county schools since kindergarten. Leon County Schools prides themselves in their employees and the community where schools are located. Students all across the county are taught to be successful and to believe in themselves.
Leon county public schools give the student a nice working environment where they feel safe. They are open to resources that will help better their education as well as their future. They are able to feel comfortable within the learning environment and have confidence in themselves. They are able to confide in the staff and know that their business is safe.
Love the diversed, relaxed atmosphere at this school. As with any school, some teachers are more helpful and genuinely care about students succeeding. I do wish there was more support from the student body for the athletic programs. Overall, a good school
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I've had a great experience at Leon County Schools. I've been going for my whole life and have no complaints about the county.
There was a rule at my middle school that demanded all students wear a belt and tuck in their shirts. As a sixth grader, I tried so very hard to disobey this rule- I would untuck my shirt as soon as the teacher looked away. As a seventh grader, I would always wear a jacket, no matter how hot it was- I wasn't nearly as embarrassed because no one could see it under the hoodie. As an eighth grader, I lost that negative attitude towards the rule- I would always wear a belt and tuck in my shirt without being told to do so. Through that persistently enforced dress code, Raa Middle School taught me the importance of following the rules. It taught me to be content with myself and with what I wear, and it also taught me how important it is to dress for success. I don't think any interviewee landed the job they wanted by coming in with their shirt untucked. This fundamental idea of professionalism is what allowed me to become more mature.
I was a subject of the Leon County School System for my entire k-12 academic career. Like many students, I went from Buck Lake Elementary to Swift Creek Middle School to Lincoln High School. My experience was okay, it was a generally mediocre place for children but I would say that there was a huge culture shock for me going from this system to my college life. It's been said before but there's definitely a focus on the standardized testing (AP and statewide). When I got to an environment with long response questions and the need to study, I had a really hard time adjusting.
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