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I love being apart of the Leominster Public School District, what has happened in the past year with the superintendent and mayor was a big mess with all the budget cuts and the teachers getting pink slips, I feel unified our district as a whole to come together to figure out what happened to our money that we tax to them. I feel like we need to raise more money we should get our faculty back and get it back to the way it used to be. I currently attend Leominster HighSchool as a Senior and I feel like its a completely different environment now and it needs to be the way it used to be just for the sake of the future children being welcomed into our school.
Leominster has a few strengths. Its high school technical shops do an incredible job at working with students who don't have their sights set on college after graduation. Its athletics are some of the best around. However, it offers high achieving students little guidance and few resources for personal growth and improvement.
Leominster public school is an okay school, but for me I would like to be with others that enjoy learning just as much as I do. I want to be able to take classes that I think will help me in the future. There is a lot of school spirit at Leominster high school, there's very good guidance counselors, and the technology is pretty up to date. I pay $3 every day for lunch and $100 to take the bus per year, when other families that cheat the system get everything free. It's not a very fair school in my opinion.
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I went to Leominster high school and so did my whole family I enjoyed every single thing about the school. The education was taken very serious if you didn't get your grades up you wouldn't be able to participate in extra activities such as sports, band, etc... I love how their sports program were set up everyone had a chance to participate not matter if you were good or not. I was on the soccer team and basketball team, at first I didn't make the team for basketball but I had a chance to play in rec league helped me get better and made the team the year after which showed me how the city cares about everyone
i had a very memorable experience throughout all my years in LPS. I've had some of the best educators in all subjects, had an awesome Blue Devil experience as a 3 sport athlete and fan of all sports, and hold many memories close to my heart. Made many good friends along the way.
As a student of Leominster High School, I have had an overall positive experience. As a Hispanic and gay individual, safety and tolerance were my biggest concerns transferring into Leominster Public Schools; however, my first day in the new district proved to be spectacular. I was immediately greeted and welcomed to the school by another gay student and was made welcome by all student and staff. The racial diversity in the new district was unlike anything I had ever experienced in previous schools and made it easy to fit in.
The courses I have taken over the years in the Leominster public schools district have been rigorous, however with the amazing staff at my disposable I have succeeded in all my classes (also in conjunction with my own efforts) and I am just now taking several AP exams and doing so confidently due to my hard work and that of my instructors. My experience at Leominster Public Schools is one I wish I could let all others experience.
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