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Lenoir County Public Schools Reviews

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The Lenoir County Public School system has good teachers and staff. The students are okay, more anti bullying things should come to surface. I would also like to see more security at the schools, anyone can just walk in and it’s not very safe. But the staff members make me feel welcomed and important.
Lenoir County Public schools really cares about our safety and always improve things that need to be done.
I have had a great experience at North Lenoir High School. I am happy to be a senior this year but will miss all of my friends and teachers.
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Lenoir county public schools are very hands on with their students.The IB program and the AP programs prepare students for college along with the teacher’s support.
I've been in the Lenoir County Schools system for 12 years now and i have to say its been okay. I've had no problems other than teachers who can not control their classes in an orderly fashion. The athletics at the high school i attend, we're pretty solid. I attend Kinston High School. If you've heard of us, then you know we're pretty tough. We've had big time athletes emerge from here. Jerry Stackhouse, Brandon Ingram, Derek Rivers, Reggie Bullock and many more. With the frequent changes of principals, i feel that my school s shifting to a way better place than it was 3 years ago, my freshman year.
Lenoir County public schools was a great experience for me. They helped me grow in ways most kids hope to grow. I learned many life lessons that helped me not only as a student, but as a person. Lenoir County Public Schools take their role in a students life very serious!
Lenoir County Public Schools is just as good as any other public school system, they all have their issues but Lenoir County is working hard to fix the problems we have.
What I like about Lenoir County Public Schools is that they care about us students and want to see us graduate from high school and do great things in our life.
My overall experience was pretty good! I never had a huge problem with the teachers or administration. The resources were really good, I always had time to understand the material from elementary school to senior year to get my diploma. I'd say Lenoir county public school was always on top, and never made me feel out of the loop or nervous about school.
I go to the Early College and I find it absolutely amazing. Since it is a smaller school I can connect people a lot more easily!
I have been apart of the Lenoir County Public School system since 2010, when I transferred to Northwest Elementary from Arendell Parrot Academy. During my time as a Lenoir County Public School student, I have grown tremendously both intellectually and emotionally. As a child of Lenoir County, I have always wanted to do more for my town, provide for others, and engage in activities that stimulate my mind and reasoning abilities. While a student at various Lenoir County Public Schools, I have been given every opportunity to do just that.
I began my education in lenoir county and even though I moved away I have returned to complete my college education. I am overly satisfied with LCC and would highly recommend it.
Every school that I have gone to, I felt that I had great experiences and amazing teachers that actually cared. I felt they provided good teaching and always gave you a helping hand to be successful.
I've had to move around a lot and school and with all the schools I've had an overall good experience. Even though the lunch food isn't that great.
Lenoir County Public Schools has overall been a sufficient education. I do believe that it could have been better. Due to limited funding, not as many AP courses were offered. Many schools in Lenoir County need to be renovated but cannot be because of limited funding.
What I like about Lenoit county public schools is the athletics. It brings everybody together because everybody loves what they do. There's one thing that I would change about Lenoir county public schools is the teaching staff. The ones we have now seem to not care at all about our future.
My experience has varied a lot throughout my life I have went to 4 different lcps schools and they all taught me a different lesson and how to put it into how I think about my life plans. Everyone has different experiences with their school life but with mine I'm glad I learned and seen a lot of things because it actually keeps my mind focused. In life you will learn that things could be a "blessing or a lesson". In my younger days I will do things and always get punished for it so it began to be a lesson and as I grew older I applied it to life and it's a blessing because I know right from wrong! The worst things from my lcps days was that some lessons the teachers taught could actually be boring when a teacher talk a lot kids tend to drift away from their learing. For example they may end up being on their phones,take in consideration if a teacher actually did more hands on activities with students they wouldn't have to beg for them to pay attention.
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My overall experience has been great. I have gained knowledge in many different fields and I have found the teachers to be very helpful.
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