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Throughout my high school career it helped me develop many skills, with academics, and as well as life skills. This school helps there student reach their full potential in-order to succeed .
What I liked about the lennox school district was that it has teachers that are very supportive to the students which motivates them to keep pushing torwards there goals. It is a low income community but the students and classmates are really humble and express there talents in there academics.
I am currently a Senior at the Lennox Academy in the Lennox School District. I have attended this district since I was in preschool. My teachers have been very supportive and helpful, especially now that I am working on my college applications. Any questions that I have, they are readily available and willing to guide me through the process. Since we are a small high school, we don't have many sports team or clubs. However, I am still able to to stay involved in several clubs such as MESA ( I was just elected Vice President) and Interact. The Lennox Academy also has great parent involvement, school culture and a great feeling of safety and security. I would highly recommend this high school to other students in the Lennox School District.
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The diversity is very low due to the hispanic community in the area. There are lost of elementary schools and 1 middle school but no high school. Except for LMSTA but then again if you don't make it in then the people have to look for other far school.
The teachers care about your education and their main focus is to help you get accepted into college, however there is not a lot of diversity. The school is mainly Latinos.
During the years that I attended Lennox Middle School, it consisted of a lot of violence and teachers knowing that some of the students will not graduate high school. In my opinion it was not the greatest school ever but it was not the worst. I would like that the student there would have more options on what's they can do later in life. Also I would like to change how much violence there still is in all the classrooms.
I liked the connections to opportunities there was such as mentoring programs, engineering clubs with real engineers, and field trips to many places. The exposure to all of this aids the students in having an idea of what they want to do in the future, and allows us to begin planning for our future, even as soon as in elementary school.

What I would like to see changed is how things are treated in the school as far as how safe Lennox Middle School is. In my experience, the school has been notoriously going down. Of course, how children act is largely in part to parenting, however, I think there needs to be more reformation programs in the school to help the delinquent students.
What I like about the school district is works closely with the school and occasionally people from the school district go to see how classes are at the schools. Something they could do differently is better improve the food,, in making it more healthy for the students.
Lennox District is a place where students always come first and there is so much room to grow and develop important skills. There is always amazing opportunities for many students and you will start to grow fond of the good company in this culture and the flexibility. While many people say it is a so called, "disadvantaged" community, students always have room for 'ganas' and are ready to persevere. In the end, most Lennox students are accepted into top-notch universities.
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