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Lenape Regional High School District Reviews

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Lenape High School is a great school to go to education wise. The teachers teach well for the most part, but lack a connection with the minority students. I myself haven’t been able to connect with some of the teachers because the staff isn’t diverse. There aren’t many teachers of color, and it makes it a lot harder for students of color to connect with teachers that didn’t go through some of the experiences that they went through. Also the way they treat some of the racist situations could be handled better. Students who say things that degrade people of color don’t get the punishment that they deserve, but instead get a slap on the wrist. It’s a good school, with poor qualities.
Lenape is a great school, with a healthy learning environment. There is something for everyone at Lenape and the academics are challenging but manageable.
The teachers are the ones who have definitely helped to make it the best experience possible. They care very much for their students and go far above just delivering an education. Being a part of the class of 2020, my last year in high school has not been the easiest to say the least. However, my teachers are very considerate of what my classmates and I are going through and are doing whatever they can to make sure we can still end our high school experience on a good note. I attend Lenape High School, and I am able to speak highly of our staff and of our amazing principal Mr. Cattani. He has always been an inspiration for students and cares a lot about all of us. He has helped to create amazing events to get the student body involved, and from those experiences I have gained some of the best moments of my life. I have learned that being involved leads to an even better high school experience, and there is so much that you can do at Lenape or any of the other schools in the district.
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I have had amazing teachers and challenging courses in Lenape High School and I feel prepared as I enter college.
Lenape is a place where teachers and staff work towards providing the best learning environment. Everyone is very welcoming; the student feels great coming to school every day. I would like to see them get a boy's volleyball team.
My experience with the Lenape regional high school district has been the best four years of my life thus far. Within the district they have so much to offer from teachers wanting you to do great and be the best possible you to friends helping you out day to day which creates a really good community around the school. What makes the LRHSD family stand out is the love and passion we have for everything we do. Our sports, clubs and Music classes are extracurricular activities that are students and staff take real pride in.
many course offerings that I liked, teachers well engaged and supportive, many sports and club choices
Very supportive staff and lots of opportunities!
I loved the classes, clubs and sports- they welcomed parent involvement and student feedback
I love how rigorous their program is. The teachers really care about their students, and they were really on top of us our freshman year. Later on during highschool the teachers eased up on us and weren’t really on top of us to prepare us for college. The teachers washing up on us really prepared us for college because in reality no one is going to coddle you and you really have to learn how to be independent. The professors expect you to go to them if you need help with anything, so you really have to think for yourself. Cherokee helped us with this because the teachers offered extra help during our lunchtime and sometimes after school. Cherokee also helped us prepare for college because of the many graduation requirements. These graduation requirements helped us stand out more than other college applicants because we were forced to take more courses than per usual, or we had to take another year of a specific course. .
I loved being at Lenape. There are a ton of activities to participate in and clubs to get involved in. However, there are a few things I would change. The water system needs to be fixed since half of the water fountains give you yellow water. Another thing I would fix is the fact that there are no midterms and finals. I feel so unprepared in that aspect when it come to college readiness. Overall, I loved my high school experiences here at Lenape and I wouldn't consider any other high school to attend.
Amazing community! I went to Lenape high school but the other schools are great too! Lots of activities and clubs, and sports are big here!
The teachers are very passionate about what they’re teaching their students. It’s easy to be engaged in your learning. People, for the most part, genuinely like to see others succeed in the classroom. Having lunch-and-learn is very effective in getting your work done and getting involved. Everyone eats at the same time. It’s a 50 minute lunch period, and you can eat at just about anywhere in the school. Many students use this opportunity as a chance to go to club meetings, get extra help for your classes, or to just relax.
It's okay, academically it's good and administration is more focused on how everything looks than what the issues are. Science teachers are really good and english teachers are great. Teachers are good and most of the time excited and interested in what they're teaching.
This school is smelly and dirty. Everyone is fake and I have not learned one thing my whole high school career. Teachers do not care what grade you get or if you pass the class. The hallways are annoying and people are insane.
The LRHSD is a comparatively high-achieving district that offers an array of AP and Honors classes that many other public schools do not. Many of the district's students attend excellent universities following graduation; mostly everyone attends some type of college. The student bodies themselves vary slightly among the individual high schools; however, an overall district theme could be described as All-American culture: the typical high school experience that you see in movies. There are various extra-curricular activities, each which serve a different type of person, but essentially, sports dominate to the point that funding for the musical programs are cut short in order to ensure that the football team has enough funding (as if they don't)! Diversity is also extremely lacking in probably all of the schools except for Lenape. Overall, though, the district is good for the standards of public schools.
Being at Lenape High School has been a rewarding experience. With all the activities available, I was able to find things I was really passionate about and pursue them. Also, there is a pristine learning culture so it pushes me to become a better student. Lenape was a great school to set me up for future success in college and finding a job.
What I liked about Lenape was the school spirit. I was involved in a decent amount of clubs each year and always enjoyed it because of how much fun they made it. The pep rally each year before homecoming was something I looked forward to every year. What I didn’t like about Lenape was the fact that they didn’t have air conditioning. I don’t think I ever found out the actual reason why, but it’s something that was an issue for the entire district.
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A school district with high academic standards and challenges students to work harder than most other public school systems would.
Lenape High School is outdated in its structure, and its treatment of students. Administration does not provide the proper support and care that high school students need. Teachers construct their lessons based off of curriculum, with little originality or adaptability to include all learning styles. The school itself is overpopulated, there is a severe bullying/harassment problem among students, and anxious and depressed students are not given the resources they need in a building that prompts high stress. The building itself has no air conditioning, there is very little parking available to students, and the facilities have not been updated in a very long time. Bathrooms and water fountains are the same as they were 20+ years ago.
The LRHSD has an excellent staff and offers a wide range of academic classes for all interests. The classes are very rigorous and prepare the students for college. The district also offers various classes to prepare students for a future that does not involve college as well. There are numerous clubs and the athletics are superior.
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