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Lenape Regional High School District Reviews

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The academics are good but there is a huge difference between the honor classes and the accelerated level. There is not a lot of diversity in our school at all.
Been at lenape for three years almost, it’s okay. that’s it. okay. It’s nylhing great. could be a lot better. Pretty awful administration. all they care about is football and they’re not even that good.
My son has ADHD. The school allowed him to participate in the meeting and make suggestions. They took those suggestions to heart when making his schedule for the upcoming school year. The academics, sports teams, and extracurricular activities are also awesome. I also love the availability of the teachers during “lunch and learn”.
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The academics were average. The school culture and diversity was appalling. There were no minority groups. Everyone in the school is totally naive to cultural differences.
I’m currently a sophomore and I’m in Lenape high school. The school itself is not the cleanest. Occasionally you’ll find some bugs or mice, mainly in the north gym locker rooms. Some teachers are very nice. Haven’t had any good experience with science teachers though since the department is slacking. Anyway it’s decent
It is a very large district so at times you are just a number. Academics are good and a great variety of extracurricular activities are available. Athletics are very competitive and political.
I liked how the teachers really did desire to help you succeed and be college ready. The only thing I would change would be to allow senior students leave early if they have a study hall last period.
I wish administration would do a better job of enforcing higher standards of behavior from students. For example, there is always trash left behind or sometimes kids smoking in bathrooms, and administration does little to actually punish or discourage the kids doing it. Instead, they punish all students by becoming stricter. I feel fortunate for the variety of classes and high academic rigor.
I like that the teachers were there to care for you and talk to you. What I like to see changes that all the students are welcoming to who you are no matter how you show yourself
Cherokee High School has everything available a person could want. It held me at a good academic standing compared to people at my college and has me accelerating with happiness. I miss all my teacher from this school, all they wanted for me was to succeed.
The Lenape Regional School District is a great district
I attended Cherokee High School it was best time of my life
They’re great teachers and helpful resources everywhere
Teachers were always looking to help
Activities at the school are amazing
School spirit was all around
The sports at Cherokee were absolutely amazing hard to believe that such talented athletes were found at Cherokee
The school spirit at Cherokee High School and our sister schools is one aspect of the school I just love. Our student section was one of the best in South Jersey. Some of the teachers I've had have made such an impression on me. They speak to us as people and encourage interaction. My counselor has also been great with her assistance and advice in questions I've had during my four years here.
This district provides a great high school experience filled with athletics, academics, and the arts.
Lenape Regional High School District always puts their students first. With great teachers, many clubs & activities to choose from, and great academics no wonder kids from this school district are always prepared for college and ready to take on the world after they graduate.
It is a friendly community, where you can find lots of help if you need it. We strive for the best, and never settle for less.
My experience in the Lenape Regional District was very good. I was provided with many good resources such as great teachers who impacted my life positively. The one major thing that I took from this school was how teachers took the time to get to know me on a personal level, which helped me get the most out of my education.
Another positive thing that this school district has provided me with was community lunch and learn. This time every day was a full hour which provided me with the time to go meet with teachers, or go to clubs, or catch up on homework. I can confidently say that every student uses lunch and learn to their advantage. This might be one of Seneca High School's best features because it Issa versatile and can be taken advantage of by any student.
The district overall is very well established and has a good set of rules for their students to abide by.
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I enjoyed my time as a Lenape Regional High School District student. The school adminstration, staff and faculty are friendly, caring, and passionate about student success. I've made memories at Lenape that will last a lifetime, and am so grateful for the connections I have made through the school.
Great school district. Offers a safe and healthy work environment and place for students to thrive. Students are kept safe and offered many different options to thrive and excel.
At Lenape I would like to see the food, the classrooms, and the teachers. The food is gross and does not meet the standards of a real meal. When it come to the classrooms, there are no windows, the lights flicker and there are leaks when ever it rains. When it comes to the teachers they are generally rude and undermine the students.
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