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I really love the overall environment of the school and the college resources that it provides. Although the staff and teachers can be somewhat fair, the majority of them really engage in their teaching and hope the best for their students.
The school spirit may lack during certain years; however, no matter how small, the community always manages to throw huge support into the student of LHS.
I feel ready for gradation, however I feel like it's only due to the privilege I had as an AP student. While some teachers genuinely enjoy teaching, some of them are blinded by their biased views on their classes.
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The students were great but the standards multiple teachers had were too low and many teachers are unqualified for their jobs. One of our chemistry teachers doesn’t know anything about chemistry and has a degree in math, not chemistry.
I have been going to LHS for four years and it is a pretty great school. The teachers at LHS care about your education and LHS has decent extracurricular activities. I was apart of the football program there all 4 years and I had a great experience with all the coaches. We were also a fairly successful team. Some of LHS's facilities are old and need to be refurbished but due to Measure L, a bill passed by Lemoore, a huge portion of the high school's facilities are being refurbished.
What I liked about Lemoore High was the diversity and friendliness on campus, everyone knew each other. The teachers were great and got into depth about the subjects and really cared about the students. The only thing I would change about Lemoore High are the food options they could have more variety. Also more fresh food and food that students actually like because it is very unfortunate to eat something not very tasty when one is hungry. Especially when you do not get to eat at home because of personal problems.
I absolutely like the diversity of the school clubs. I feel very safe on campus. The academics are wonderful. The music program is amazing, I have been in choir for 4 years.
I liked the diversity of the district but the negative reaction I had towards the Lemoore Union High School District was the lack of teachers and their inability to accept their own mistakes. I don't only speak for myself as well. Hiring student teachers because of the lack of teachers is a horrible idea and should be thought out carefully and not carelessly.
I really like the time I've spent at lemoore high. The courses are good and the students are mostly nice. I love my teachers they are super nice and helpful. The thing I would like to see change is how the arts are at this high school because they are not displayed as much as the sports. I know that taking a year of visual arts is required but how do you accomplish that when the arts are slowly losing teachers and are not being replaced like our dance class. Our teacher retired and so did dance with her. So the only thing I'd like to see change at lemoore high is the way the arts are portrayed.
My experience at Lemoore High School was quite satisfying. The teachers, or faculty, there are helpful and interesting. There are certain teachers who are really laid back and can actually still give a lecture in an entertaining way, while there are others that stick to the old school way of teaching, meaning books and reading. I honestly love the environment and how we have events set for certain occasions. The only part of the high school I would like to see change would be the food. It would be nice to have a better variety of food instead of food that tastes like it was made out of plastic.
I completely enjoyed the Drama program as well as the schools Main Stage Theater productions, being able to be a part of the cast as well as the opportunity to direct them. A few teachers were in love with their subjects and inspired that same love or enthusiasm in their students, however, many of the teachers were condescending, rude or removed from their students, meaning they didn't have an interest in them or with their concerns. I dealt with bullying while in the school and the teachers I turned to, in whose class I was having the difficulties in, didn't care and let it commence until I'd gone to the Vice Principal about the issues.
Facilities need major improvement to maintain safety of the students. Administration focuses on the littlest problems rather than focusing on one's education path. Teachers implement too many Kagan structures that are not beneficial to a students understanding.
My experiance at Lemoore High School has been the best four years of my life, thanks to all my Ag teachers
What I love about attending Lemoore High School is that it offers a lot of different clubs and a person can even make up their own club. This school is very friendly and a lot of students, like me, get involved just because of the many things offered. The teachers here are very lovely and teach amazing. What I also love about this school is the sports that they offer for example two of my favorite being Cross Country and Track and Field.
Well with this being my last year of high school ever and transferring to a new high school it would normally be very hard on any teenager but the students and teachers made this year very easy. The teachers were there every time I needed their help with something even the students were there for me.
My experience in this district has been wonderful. The faculty in this district are held to high standards as expected. Help is offered when needed and every resource to further your education is within reach. Even though this district is wonderful, there is room to improve. In this school district many students take issue with the dress codes. I believe as young adults we should be allowed to make our own choices and trusted by the district to do so.
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