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Teachers are highly educated and build strong relationships with students. Opportunities for AP, dual enrollment, and virtual high school allow expansion of student opportunities. Sports are great, however expansion of sporting opportunities would be better, as well as strong coaches. Little diversity however recent addition of Arabic by teacher of middle eastern descent is a step in the right direction. Food is terrible. Clean filtered water resources allow support toward clean environment. One to one computer resources integrates technology with all courses
Although my experience at Leicester High School has not been the greatest, it offers many different opportunities that can help students diversify their education and high school experience.
Leicester is a student friendly school. The teachers are kind and they help with the academics and college readiness. The sports there are all very competitive and top notch. I highly suggest checking it out!!
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Overall experience at Leicester High was pretty good up until this year, my senior year, where administration seems to have erupted and is making the school harder to go to everyday.
I enjoyed how close of a community it was and I thought all the teachers were very helpful. Some rules are over the top.
Inconsistent on terms of the quality of learning. Most teachers are great. High school should have been given a 4 star review, it prepares you for college if you actually take honors or AP classes there. middle school was terrible because the teachers didn't seem to want to help kids who were having a tough time in that phase. Middle school teachers discouraged some of my brightest peers from taking any honors classes at first going into freshman year.
Great people and a solid educational foundation. The small town environment ensures that everyone is familiar but there is enough space to breathe. Leicester also has some of the highest exam scores in the area.
The school system is currently going through some "development and improvement". They've gone through a couple superintendents recently, and the Primary school alone has cycled through more than 2 principals in the past couple years. The school board had elected a college student as the board leader, which had serious repercussions in the accountability of the school administration (principals) to the school board, since there was little to no effective communication and enforcement. These things have since been on a track to improve, however they still have a lot of work to do.
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