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I liked that the honors classes pushed you to your limits, because this helped me be better prepared for the honors program in college.
Lehighton is a great school. The teachers focus on helping you and making sure you understand everything. If you struggle with something they will try to stay after school to help you out.
I graduated from Lehighton Area School District last year, 2017. Overall the time i had spent there shaped who i am becoming as a young adult. The teachers not only care about your academics but also your well being in your day to day life. They provide guidance for any struggles in life, including geometry, home problems, or any social problem a regular high school student has day to day. The courses are designed to get each student prepared for college, at the time it is a bit challenging but it most certainly prepared me for the hard collage classes i am taking today. Also, as a current resident in lehighton i am glad to see and hear the current updates that are going on to the school.
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My experience with the school was great. I was involved in sports and extra curriculum activities and it made me ready for college and the staff and factly cared about you and would help you with anything you needed. The four years went really quickly and it was a great experience.
I feel that Lehighton has prepared me well for college and life. I have felt supported academically and personally throughout my school career.
The community all loves each other and all of the teachers are genuine and care about their students deeply. Whenever their is an activity, the whole school comes together and cheers on for one another and it has made my high school career memorable.
Obviously some classes and some teachers were better than others, but overall I enjoyed my years spent there and would do it all again if I could!
Overall, Lehighton does an outstanding job to prepare its students for the road ahead. The teachers go out of their way to ensure the success of their students. They push the students beyond their comfort zones and encourage students to rise above what is expected of them. The only negative aspect I can think of is the lack of organization from the administration. However, all of the plans typically end well anyway.
I'd like to see more diversity in the electives offered. More languages, such as French and German. More gym class, or other fitness options on a regular basis up through high school. I do like the teachers very much, especially Mr. Snyder at the MS (guidance) but the previous MS principal did not communicate effectively with parents concerning issues of bullying - from what several parents have reported. More communication is needed from administration in that regard. Tons of school spirit, and no hideous Michelle Obama lunches. Not super, but not horrible.
Graduated in 2017. The school has true school spirit and absolutely tries to get every student involved in everything.
Attending the Lehighton Area School District was a great experience. It is a small school with lots of great teachers and people and has an excellent learning atmosphere.
I was very involved in the music programs in Lehighton, they are alive and well! However, the town has quite a drug problem that needs to be addressed.
Lehighton is overall a great school to go to compared to the surrounding schools. Most teachers are amazing but there are only a few that aren't as good. The schools diversity is low but is growing over the years. Clubs are offered to students but they are not forced to sign up. And sports are valued very highly at Lehighton but academics are still a priority.
The staff is friendly, and the students are wonderful. There are little disruptions in the hallways sometimes, but that is not very bothersome compared to all of the good in this school.
Attending the Lehighton Area School District has affected me in a positive manner. Here, I have learned the principles of leadership, responsibility, and compassion for others. Overall, the schools itself are supportive, including teachers who are more than willing to help. The support of other students by their peers is low, but I have seen a positive change with that lately.
I'll be honest, staff is always unfair, you learn nothing useful (like most public school) and honestly, they try to control you, i got a Saturday detention because I asked someone to be quiet during a fire drill, This school, like most public schools is a failure.
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