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Lee's Summit R-VII School District Reviews

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Great environment for students who are ready to learn and get involved. The community is great about supporting the school whether it be sporting events or plays put on by the theater department. The teachers are very well trained on how to accommodate to students needs.
Everyone is loving and there are many opportunities on and off the campus that helps fit a major towards college. There are 2 off campus college preparing schools plus the opportunity to take college level classes as a senior in high school. Everyone is moving to be in this district so it is an amazing school district.
This district has given me everything I need to take the next steps in life. I am grateful for excellent teachers, seamless transitions, and career preparation tracks. My advisor has helped me see options for professional development. The district promotes equity and has a very active foundation. Dual credit, International Baccaulaureate, Advanced Placement, Honors, and Dual Enrollment opportunities are available. The Summit Tech and Innovation Campus partner with colleges to provide early career exploration and help students reduce and cost in college.
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I am a student at Summit Technology Academy. I am attending the professional nursing program. I have loved everything about this program. The teachers are wonderful, the students are involved, and this program equips you to achieve great things for your future career. We get hands on experience, the opportunity to shadow in hospitals, and we also help at health fairs in elementary and middle schools. This program is unique and so beneficial!
Trying to compete with a global standard to educate the youth to be productive and stellar citizens. They provide quality education with highly intelligent and trained staff in order to produce inquisitive people with a thirst for knowledge.
Lees Summit School district has great staffs with very easy communication throughout emails or meetings. They are very friendly and nice. lack of bullying and friendly environment with diverse sports and clubs. They are especially good at youth in government etc. Highly recommend.
Overall, it's a wonderful school district. It has provided me many opportunities that other districts do not provide. The teachers have vested interests in their students success. When I need it, I have resources that are always available to help me: from teachers, administration to library aides.
This is my first year in Lee’s Summit R-7 School District, and as a transferring senior it is a difficult transition going to a new school my final year of my high school career. However, Lee’s Summit North High School has been more than helpful and welcoming. They have put together a great schedule for me that accommodates to my needs. I wouldn’t change a thing about this helpful and hospitable school district!
Coming from a country with low resources, and less opportunity to learn, I really liked about all the opportunities available to students. I was aware of those opportunities and took advantage of them, be cause I knew what I wanted. If it wasn’t for the Lee’s summit school district and their out of school programs available to juniors and seniors, I wouldn’t have graduated as a certified nurse assistant, and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to save as much money as I have now to help me pay for part of nursing school, so I I’m really grateful for everything the school made available for students. Teachers would always go out of their ways to help students succeed and be ready for college. For everything I didn’t learn, I hold myself responsible for not studying enough, but not my teachers. I would probably say the only thing I didn’t like about the school is their food choices for students.
In the Lee’s Summit school district, there is a focus on education and preparing students for the real world. This, plus the hands on work the teachers provide sets up an excellent learning experience that I have enjoyed while being part of the Lee’s Summit school district.
Great school leadership with teachers that care. Very challenging academics to prepare students for success in college.
This school system did an incredible job of preparing me for my college coursework as a premedical student at Baylor University! I would highly recommend it to anyone considering moving into its school zone.
The Lee's Summit School District is outstanding! The district provides their students many opportunities to help students obtain college credit in a number of ways to help students reduce costs when actually in college. The one thing that the district could improve on is adding more counselors to help students with mental health issues, especially at the middle school and high school levels. The counselors now help more with academic issues and serve 100+ students each. Making the counselors more accessible for mental health issues would be beneficial to students, teachers and administrators.
Great academic school. Chalanging classes for kids with different interests. Son will graduate with one year of college finished while still in High School.
I've been in the Lee's Summit R-VII School District my entire educational career and I can say it was less than satisfactory. To be fair it wasn't dangerous in the sense of gangs and it does offer a lot of IB classes but that's about as good as it gets. Unless you play sports or drastically raise academic ranking you really don't matter. Those who struggle academically or personally are swept under the rug and the only time mental health is really addressed is when a student kills themselves, and even then it is addressed with little tact. Diversity is poor, and there is far too much racism and general discrimination that is deliberately ignored. When it comes to academics there is little variety in classes and many teachers are in no way competent and do not understand or attempt to learn how to interact the age demographic they teach. Many teachers feel that it is okay to belittle their students and when students report it to administration or the district nothing is ever done.
I really enjoyed my teachers and all the opportunities the school offers to prepare you for college. I was able to take college credit classes this year so that will give me a head start for my freshman college year. Maybe one day I'll be back to Lee's Summit High School as a teacher or baseball coach.
Lee's Summit schools are known for their excellence. I attended Lee's Summit High School and the staff there cared deeply for their students. The classes were challenging but not overwhelming and there were lots of opportunities to get involved in the things that interested you.
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I was very pleased with the education I received from LSHS. Faculty and staff are always there for you and they make sure you succeed. LSHS really prepared me for a college setting. Proud to be a Tiger!
Teachers unhelpful and often ignore students who have a desire to learn. They believe that since they live in the "Harvard of Missouri" they do not have to put in any effort. Frankly, I just would like to have a good education and be prepared for the future.
The Lee's Summit R7 School District is overall a nice area for schooling. Good buildings, nice staff, welcoming programs that are rigorous. The only reason why I'd give it a 4 star is since there are 3 high schools in one city, there is constant rivalry. Now that is not the school district's fault, but it lacks the sense of community for the younger generation.
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