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Leechburg Area School District Reviews

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I love the environment and everyone here. The teachers are very understanding and do a great job of helping any student in need. The safety precautions that we take are very good too. I feel extremely safe in this environment.
Small public school that offers private school amenities such as a small teacher/student ratio, individual attention for your child and teachers that are engaged and caring. The administration consistently strives to make improvements after a period of having a rocky past administration. Our one child took honors in high school there and was well prepared for his large university where he now attends. The after school seminar program is an added free academic enrichment opportunity for students.
Leechburg High School is in a small town and is lacking compared to its neighboring school, Kiski Area High School. Leechurg does not prepare you for college. It's weakest department is science. If you plan to do anything within pharmaceutical, or biology, you will struggle. The administration is always gaining and losing staff. The special ED dept. has a lack of programs and plans for students to work on their life skills. If one were to live near this area, you would have a better experience at Kiski.
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The teachers are extremely kind and genuinely care about their students. There are plenty of activities for students, clubs to join, and sports to play. There is no other place I would rather have gone to school.
My experience in this small town school has been nothing but amazing to say the least. I have enjoyed all aspects of growing up in this district. It's I know you and you know me since the day I started kindergarten, from the students to the faculty. Everyone here is part of a family.
I personally did not like Leechburg. I had very bad teachers and not a great supportive system. When i transferred to leechburg, I had teachers saying stuff about me because I was different and could not really speak English. I wanted to leave and not come back but I became bullied by everyone and got to leave. Unfortunately, I returned and got made fun of even more by students and teachers.
Leechburg is a very small school, this allows students to become very close with their teachers. However, the school is so small there is little opportunity at times.
There is a lot going on in the school that needs to be fixed, such as how we handle situations. There is no diversity, there are literally 3 black students in the high school. but the teachers are amazing and put so much into the school, they are truly amazing.
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