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Lee County School System is a school system of character and obligations. The system wants what’s best for the kids of Lee County and has truly shown obligation of making that happen throughout my years of me being a student of the Lee County School System.
I would like for students and parents to be held accountable for their actions in this district. I would also like it if teachers would act like they actually care about the students and their grades. It seems like all of the focus is on end of grading test and not all students test well. The Lee County school board needs to focus on hearing the needs of these teachers in order to get them to be more involved in the students needs.
I loved the diversity and how involved everyone was for the sports teams. Overall it was a great school system and I would recommend.
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I started in Tramway Elementary School. I felt like the teachers didn't care except for the guidance counselor, who I went to frequently due crying in class. I left that school for Broadway Elementary School. I met my best friend in third grade at this school. We are still best friends. The school was nice and felt comfortable. I then went to East Lee Middle School. My best friend moved but I made new friends. I loved middle school, other than health class and rude students. Now I go to Lee Senior High School and I have become interested in the theater because of my musical knowledge from middle school. Even though the school hasn't put me in any theater or art class I still am in the clubs for them. The school is nice but it depends on how you look at it and what classes you take. Overall I like it.
Lee county schools are very unfair and poorly ran. The teachers and administrators don't discipline everyone the same way. They want to do things by the rule book, but only apply those rules to those whom they wish.
My experience in the public school system wasn't necessarily bad, but I can't say it helped prepared me for college as well as my family and I as hoped. As I have filled out countless scholarships to help pay for my college, I always seem to notice that on 90% of the scholarships it asks about the financial need.I felt like I was constantly trying to prove myself to why my education matters. This school system is nowhere near the worst, but I do wish the paid more attention to the working class's kids, instead of solely worrying about minorities, and those with less availability to resources. Although I believe they shouldn't definitely receive the support they need, I do believe that for some reason that students like myself who are the kids of the working class have for some reason been given the back seat in opportunities.
When I came to Lee County Schools, I was impressed with the fast pace environment. At my old school, we moved slow and were behind most schools. In Lee County Schools, they prepare students for college and allow them to get ahead in their academics.
I would like more resources and more help for students. Many teachers are not properly teaching students what they need. College readiness is very low and not helpful.
I was in the Lee County school system from 2nd grade tell the time I graduated and it wasn't always a pleasant experience. Most of the teachers in my high school seemed to not care very much about being at the school. I would say that about half of the faculty wanted to be working in Lee County. My elementary through middle school teachers were great but in high school, the teacher weren't as helpful.
I like that Lee county has a friendly atmosphere and how much the staff there care about your future/education.
This is not a good school district to have your kids at. I would not recomend it to anyone because there is so much wrong in this district it should be done very diffeerently.
Lee County Schools wasn't bad, but some of the teachers definitely did not care. I would say the best school in lee county was definitely tramway.
The school was many classes to offer. You can chose from a variety of activities. The food is average nothing to big to brag about. Some teachers can be very helpful and very involved others are no help at all
What I like about Lee County Highschool is that it gives us as students opportunities to learn and succeed. My experience at Lee County Highschool is that the teachers are nice and they go out of there way to help me as a student. The school provides me with many opportunities for electives that let me express my-self. I’m involved in Raiders which is a team through JROTC. JROTC at Lee County is a place where you feel at home. It’s a great place where I can learn how to present myself and, gain great leadership skills. I’m glad there is a program that allows me to make goals for myself and grow as a person. This is a class where everyone feels like family. I personally belive that JROTC program is the best thing I’ve experienced at Lee County Highscool. Lee County to me only really has had one flaw in the school this year. Problems mainly dealing with laptops were trouble this year they took them away and now you must go apply and borrow one from the library.
Lee county schools are alright. Favoritism is a major factor in the school. Certain people can get away with things while other people can't. I don't think the policies are quite fair either. For example, 3 tardies adds up to one absence .. If the goal is to get us to class, why make us absent. It teaches us nothing.
Lee County Schools is a good school systems. We have had no problems with teachers or staff. The only change I would make. They need to make better use of the school's websites. Not enough information about upcoming events/graduation/sporting event dates are on the sites.
I enjoy the sports program. Lee Country greatly support the athletes and coaches in the sport programs. Also academically we as a county are greatly educated by our teachers and staff.
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Most parts of Lee County Schools are great! Most teachers love and care for the students! There are funding problems and problems in the Principle positions though....
I experienced teachers in Lee county are kind and try to be involved with their students. The cafeteria food is not the best.
I like the many options of electives offered at my high school. I don't like the attitude of many of the students who don't care about school.
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