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LCHS prepares your student for college in multiple ways. They offer dual enrollment so they can get a jump start on college, they offer on-line classes, and thier use of technology is right in line with tech savvy colleges.
I went to Lee County schools and actually loved it. I still have connections with some of the amazing teachers I had in this system. The high school just recently built a new building that has a lecture hall on the top floor and having that experience for my dual enrolment classes prepared me for college classes. It's the best school system I could have asked for.
I guess I enjoyed my years at Lee County Schools. All of the schools before high school were very enjoyable and provided me with adequate education and prepared me for college. I would like a better one on one time with counselors about college classes and which classes to take. The new administration was also problematic with students and her new rules made us very untrusting and disrespectful to her. All and all, i would say the school is about 3.5/5 because of the lack of college preparation and small amount of CTAE classes for students to discover what they enjoy. There is also little student involvement in the school other than sports.
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Search this woman’s page on FB (@bmacksaidit). Her struggle with his school system contacting her for clarification and an evaluation of her child’s gpa is very disheartening.
Lee County is. great school system. The kids are great, the teachers really care, and the administration wants what is best for the students! A+ school system
I have lived in Lee County my whole life and I really enjoy being a student of the Lee County School System. Like every school experience, there were good and bad times, however, the school staff has been significantly helpful through those bad and hard times. I believe the Lee County School System is one of the best in South Georgia because of the staff and teachers that try their hardest to make the students the best that they can be.
Lee County Schools was an interesting experience. I have been attending Lee County Schools since middle school and they have always made sure that academics were stupendous. There are several opportunities for students to get involved with the school and get ahead in life.
I like that Lee County School System is helpful. I wish they would support the arts as much as they support sports, though.
Lee County Schools are a great place for students to learn and make new friends. The faculty/Staff are all generous and willing to help their students learn to the best of their ability.
My high school experience has been wonderful so far. I have been in the Lee County School system since is was four years old. My parents and myself have been very pleased. We are truly blessed with the best teachers. They strive for you to be your best and root you in every step of the way.
As a student at Lee County High School, I have witnessed many positive and negative attributes. Like every school, there are some teachers that are very unorganized and harsh, but, overall, the faculty and staff is decent. In order to get the best experience, register for the Move on When Ready Program.
Lee County Schools have teachers that are very passionate about their students and what they teach. However, the fine arts have not received much support from the administrators.
The Lee County School System is a top-notched, quality system. The teachers really care about the students, and are willing to give them what they need to succeed.
Lee county high school is a slightly above average school. MOST of the teachers are eager to work with students and answer any questions they may have. But there are a few teachers who do not seem to like their job, and aren't willing to work with the students. The schools primary focus is on their Athletes, and they tend to neglect some of the other organizations. Overall it a fairly clean facility, and with most of the faculty accepting the students.
I have spent 6 years with lee county and I have had a good experience with them. They listen to your needs and questions and help you in any way that they know how. The environment is really good and some of the teachers have had a big impact on my experience.
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