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Lee County has really shown out for me, I wouldn't want to be apart of any other school district. Last year I was unable to cheer and the handbook says if one quits or gets kicked off they cannot try out again. The Board of Education gave me another chance to try out for cheer and now I get to cheer at my first football game tomorrow night as a senior. I am so thankful for that
The thing I like about Lee County Schools. The people are easy to talk too. Students are well mannered with “ Yes ma’am “ “ No ma’am “ “ Yes sir “ “ No sir “. Very much taught with a lot of respect. I prefer to stay in Lee County Schools. Although, they do not have much as City Schools would distribute.
My experience as a student at Beauregard High School is great at times but we do need help on approving our time on testing such as standardize test which affected a lot of students who took the ACT at my school. If that can change it would allow a lot more students accepted in schools.
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I have enjoyed my time at SSHS. The best part has been how involved the community is in our school and how we all stand together.
you could tell that they were only there for the money. they did not truly care about the students. if you did not understand the work, then oh well. they were moving on with or without you.
The Lee County School I attended has the potential to be a good school. Very few teachers had the maturity to handle their jobs and the school flooded twice when I was there. The administration tended to be disrespectful with the students and put coaches in teaching positions they were unqualified for. If the school focused on the staff and academics more than athletics then the school as a whole would benefit.
I like how safe it is and it's very diverse. The campus is nice. We are now in the process of building a new school. The teachers and students are nice. Everyone gets along. It's a mellow family feeling. I enjoy attending. The sports teams are great. As well as the choir. I love choir. I have met some great people that I love very much, my friends. It's a small to so everyone knows each other. We're all one big dysfunctional family.
Should focus on issues such as bullying instead of dress code
Should focus on issues such as bullying instead of dress code
Overall I liked attending Lee County Schools but I think they should change some of their rules . The school tries to be strict on situations that does not necessarily need harsh rules.
I absolutely love being apart of lee county school. I started to attend Beulah high school last year and just love it. There are times where I wish some things would be different but overall and good school system. Everyone who works with the lee county schools are always so nice and respectful and want the best for the students. So happy I get to graduate in a lee county school
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