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They are commited on getting your child prepared for the real world. The only thing I dislike is the yearly school registration process. It is so unorganized and nerve recking.
I think Lee County school district could be better, there is always room for improvement. Most of our teachers do there job, but there is still too much free time from bell to bell. I want to be challenged in class while learning the things I need for college.
I loved how my school district gives each student equal opportunities. I would like for more money to be added to the budgets so that the students can have more access to a variety of things.
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I liked many of the teachers in the school itself, however, the administration changes so frequent at Saltillo High School that it hardly ever remains stable. It seems as if they make the rules as they go and a procedure is something unheard of. However, many of the teachers have significantly excelled me as a student and the change is obvious.
I was a part of the Lee County School System for most of my life. Overall I had excellent teachers. My complaint is that the school that I went to had many issues with faculty relationships. These relationships would flow into the classroom and effect the learning atmosphere. Overall though, the school system is great and I will cherish my time there greatly.
During my years at Saltillo High school, Lee county. I love the involvement made by the teachers, parents and community to help achieve any and every child's set of goals for his or her selves.
I like the environment that I gain my education. I am first in my class. I love the hands on activities that my teachers give and the attention the teachers give to my fellow classmates. The school I attend is a really creative and hands on school. The school motto explains the experience of my school "No child left behind."
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