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Let me be honest, it’s okay, but then again it’s not. We have some advantages, but the disadvantages out number the advantages. Our food is so terrible the people barely take time to cook it properly. The cooks are rude sometimes. Also, we didn’t have the proper resources to prepare us for the ACT. Some of us are struggling on taking tests. In addition, they are enforcing more rules that resources to help us. But on the bright side, they are helping us find colleges to apply and bringing them to us to interview us. But this school is a little on the poor side but it’s kind of average.
My overall experience at Lee County School district has been great. We have an amazing band, volleyball, and basketball team. I once was a cheerleader, my freshman year at the high school. Our football team doesn’t do too well on the team maybe because their just out there for fun or that’s what it looks like at least. On home games we have pep rallys to cheer the team on. The academics was very poor at one point but since we’re taken over by the state it had gotten better. At one point we had permanent subs in main classes we need which is not good. But now that’s it’s my last years I’m going to enjoy every bit of it.
All I have ever known was Lee County School District! A lot of people might think well Lee county school District is not the best place to send their child. They’re wrong, Lee County School District might not be very fancy, or have many children but we stand together. There aren't a lot of schools you could attend that would care about you as much as our teachers,principals,and even Janitors. One thing I love about Lee County School District is that when you feel like you want to give up or can’t complete work, they encourage you to make you think you can do anything you set your mind to do.
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My years at LHS have not been the best. I was not prepared for college. They did not tell me how important it was to study and try to score a 21 or higher. Didn’t prepare me for scholarships.
I had a productive four years at Lee High School. My experience there was great. Most of my teachers believed in me, which motivated me to overcome obstacles. I thank every teacher that were willing to help me after school hours.
Although, most teachers at Lee High School were amazing, there’s always an minor problem in the school. Sometimes that issues is not noticed by many students that attend the school. The problem that I hope Lee High School improves in is the parent involvement. I know that it’s not easy to get parents involved in their children’s education, but there are muiltiple of ways the school can work to improve that issue. They have to work hard to strengthen that weaknesses. They have to understand the parents and their childrens life style after school.
Overall, many of my teachers helped me improve my education. Also, I hope staffs and parents can corporate to improve parents involvement in their children’s education.
Lee County School was a great experience the four years I've been here. It's a great school we just need more clubs and teachers.
I have been attending the Lee County School District for a while now and I can say it has been a interesting experience. Overall it's been good coming to school here.
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