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Lee County Public Schools Reviews

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System does the best with what they are given. Dying county leads to low income and troubled children creating problems in school. Not happy going to school here. Of course there are issues with every community and school system and there are bright spots in lee county school system but there are much better opportunities else where. Ceilings at high school leak and have led to the gym floor being ruined twice in three years. Mold growing on ceiling tiles. Food is expected to be anything but fresh. Have found mold on sliced apples before. Tobacco spit always in the hallway floors. Stalls don’t have doors on them anymore and sinks in bathroom have been pulled off the wall. Everyone in the system is used to it by now but there is room for so much improvement but it starts with the students and their responsibilities to keep the system clean and functional.
Lee County Public Schools provided me with the general education requirements needed for my future. The environment is homey and safe. Most teachers excel at their careers and are willing to provide all necessary guidance for their students to achieve their goals.
Lee county schools overall a decent selection of schools. Its located in small county and everyone is close. Lee county is one of the poorest counties in Virginia. It overall affects the schools. The schools are still great schools but they are very outdated. Most of them are slowly falling apart and I believe it does effect the education we are receiving. Our county isn't able to buy all the up to date electronics that most schools have. We have to use our money on restoring the schools and pointless items.
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These schools are falling apart, more than 7 of the 11 schools failed their inspections. Teachers do not care about anything that goes on. Students have no regard to the rules and they fail classes and pass without having any trouble. This school is corrupt and if you do not have a "last name" then you will not be treated well at all.
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