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I grew up in these schools . I love the teachers they really do care about you. The schools need an upgrade on looks , new computers , etc I wish they could make learning more hands on instead of just book learning.
Very pleased with the overall school system and academics. The only complaint would be the variety of sports offered. Would like to see more, example is soccer, football or tennis.
Growing up in Lee County has been an experience I will never forget. The school system has helped me reach to where I am now. From elementary school on I can fully say that Lee county always tries to push you to where you want to be. We're under-funded but we always find a way to have fun.
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I have been been a student at Lee County High School for fours year among the 300 other students and I've enjoyed growing friendships with each and everyone of them. Although we are a very small school, we have a great support system from parents, friends, teachers, community members, etc. If I could change something about my school it would be to offer classes to students that will prepare them for the "real world" and what to do in real world situations.
I have been in the Lee County Public School system since Kindergarten, and I've always had wonderful teachers and staff. Often times our teachers, however, are required to do unnecessary tasks to show that they are doing their jobs, taking the attention off of students. Overall, I think that to be such a small school system with very little to no resources, we have wonderful staff and students.
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