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What I like most about lee county schools is that every teacher that I’ve had in all of my schools are very dedicated and want to help me succeed.
Lee County School District is a great school, which is filled with near stuff like drivers ed, prom for seniors, and great football games to watch after long and long weeks of coursework.
I love the staff at Lee county School District. The amount of effort put into bettering the education of your child is awesome. The different resources that are available to the children are great tools for the children to have what is takes to succeed. The only thing i suggest should be changed is the amount of security that is placed at the facilities, Not that there isn't any. Placing more security on the campuses allows peace of mind from the parents of the children attending.
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There needs to be more direct contact with the parents. Parents need to be notified via email or call when any security event takes place at the school. Parents shouldn't be shocked to hear it on the evening news for the first time. Parents need to know when things like SAT, or PSAT are going to be held. Parents of seniors need to be informed of all events. Parents of seniors should be contacted or at least given a list of where to go to search for scholarships. There just needs to be direct contact with the parents.
What I liked about Lee County public schools is that many of the teachers are there for you and willing to help. Another thing is how much they strive to make their students see the potential that they have. If I could change anything it would be the lunch menu.
The faculty/staff of my school is very friendly and supportive. Because this was my first year at a public high school I was very nervous to meet my new teachers and classmates. I didn't know what to expect, but i was pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by everyone I met as well as all my teachers. Everyone was very helpful in getting me acclimated.
The teachers and staff are very friendly and caring. They will do anything they can to help students succeed in life.
I like the fact that most of the high schools have activities for all. however, the middle school's needs more activities and programs to suit the needs of the students.i would like to see more choices on the lunch menu. the staff needs more support from the county in dealing with the students that are unruly and the one that hit teachers
I loved that no matter what school you chose to go to, there was always something for everyone to be a part of. Whether it was a game to watch or a club to participate in or even a show to perform in. A lot of people at my school were able to start Dual Enrollment at the local community college, and that was many done because of the amazing encouragement we got from our teachers, guidance counselors, and staff.
I've spent my entire school life here in Lee County Public School's. I've been around some good and bad schools. The school has good classes and opportunities but could use some help in its administration and teachers.
My school was very focus on getting kids to work for a grade rather then get any learning out of school.
We just received a administrative change, with also 22 new teachers. There has been a lot of change, good, safe, but bad change. They have cared more about our students life, but treat us like prisoners. I know all their trying to do is keep us safe, but that change can’t stop anything.
Every school has it's ups and downs. A change in the school campuses themselves is definitely needs. Some schools in lee county do not have proper working air conditioning for these hot summer days. But besides the common things like school lunches or more funding, everything was alright. Mostly great teachers and staff.
I like the programs and opportunities they have such as Dual Enrollment to get a head start on college.
The schools are not very safe, but they are making changes for the better by securing entry points, practicing safety drills, and placing law enforcement officers in the schools. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of students, as well as parents, seem to care about a quality educational experience. For those they offer IB, advanced placement classes, and dual enrollment opportunities. The majority of students, however, have little interest in academics and quite often come late to school or don't bother to come at all. While poor parenting is likely the root cause, administration does have punishment guidelines in place, but seldom enforces. Teachers then become frustrated with the situation and standards sadly decline. The Lee County School District has implemented many things that should propel it to the top, but due to the lack of interest by students, parents, administration, and some teachers, it will never be better than average, and quite possibly below.
The ese classroom my daughter attends at Sunshine is horrible! Huge turnover for teachers, they hire anyone, unprofessional (some) staff , staff on cellphones at playground, my daughters iep isn’t being followed and hadn’t even been implemented this year! The only thing they care about at that school is bi and gen ed. No support for my child. I’ll be pulling her out ASAP. Very disappointing!
I am a senior (finally!) at Estero High School in Lee County. My experiences these last few years have been mostly positive. No high school is perfect, but Estero is, I believe, one of the best high schools in the area. The majority of the students are awesome, friendly, helpful, I have made life long friends! What makes Estero special is it is an all-around school. They have a very dedicated theater program along with marching band, orchestra, ROTC program, medical program, many clubs for everyone, career center, and college preparation (started 2 years ago) department - which has been most helpful especially for me this year. The one thing I would change about Estero High School is the start time from 7:05am to an hour later at 8:05am. We could use that extra hour of sleep! It may even help improve our grades.
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good teaching overall. the schools are clean with very intelligent, well behaved teachers who deserve all respect and appreciation . i went to the school and i liked it. it was diverse with many different peoples of nationalities
Honestly wasn't a fan of the some of the decisions made by this county. They would constantly throw proctored assessments at us, as if we weren't in rigorous classes, and weren't considerate of the work their own teachers would plan out for the students.
My experience in south fort myers high school was pretty good. I would have liked if there where a cooking class in this school it would have been a much better experience there.
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