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Ever since the high school renovation they stepped up their game. Beautiful. The teachers have always been very kind and there for the students. I went to Lebanon myself.
I liked all of the schools activities and the close bonds i made with some teachers. There isn't anything I would change.
I entered the Lebanon school district in high school from a home school routine. The student body is very diversified and friendly. It was easy to fit in and make friends.
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They should be better organize. Speaking about sports... they always choose the favorites from school. Is hard to get an opportunity as a Junior at school. About security, there's not much security. Every week there's a fight at school and there's nothing they have done to correct this problem.
A lot of bullying occurred and irresponsible staff members. If the students are at the top of the class, they will get away with pretty much anything.
I have both my kids in Lebanon School District and they have had some amazing teachers. Even after they switched grades teachers from the past have still followed up to see how their progress has been. I love the diversity and programs my girls have been able to participate in. This School district definitely does not get the credit they deserve.
Very good teachers and staff. I love that they have free lunches for everyone and are very invested in their student education. Overall Lebanon is a very good school district!!!
All the teachers do what they can to help students strive for their best. The school is always going under any measures to help students with what they can. I just wish there was more classes to pick from.
I liked the diversity and the relationships you were able to form with the teachers. Also, I liked the many events the district held to try and get the community involved, but for some reason it would not always work out as expected. What I would suggest changing is doing things that are of more interest to the community. Brainstorm. Also, some teachers sincerely care for the students, but most teachers are just there to get paid and it shows in their teaching. They do not care to help students when the students are confused and do not offer nay extra help. But the teachers that do care about students, care about them beyond their schoolwork. They care about their home life, their future, and their happiness. Luckily, I have had many teachers be there for me in this way.
I liked the diversity. Some of the teachers were not the greatest and some were wonderful. I’d like to see school spirit change because basically everything to boost a student’s school spirit has been taken away, especially high schoolers.
A lot of people say that Lebanon School District is bad. That's not the truth at all. Lebanon School District is very nice. The teachers, counselors, and administration are all trying their best to get the students to do their best. It's mostly the students that just don't try. Something that should be revised is the dress code.
Lebanon High school offers assistance, when asked. They give you the available resources. They staff is very helpful for those in need. The school is also in touch the the Lebanon Community. We have a very diverse school. There are people Ranging from the Middle East to South America.
A great district that doesn't get the respect it deserves or funding .
It would be great to see improvements across the schools
I liked everything about Lebanon School District. The teachers, all the different activities. No matter what, our school never lost hope in winning. Something I'd change is just have more teamwork and more school spirit!
The school itself offered me a vast variety of programs to get me ready for my next steps in life and helped shoe me which path i should take. I made lots of friends and memories along they way and the diversity of the school helped me learn not just about myself but all those around me
I have only been in Lebanon School District from middle school up until high school. My best experience was during high school because of my guidance counselors, teachers, and friends who played a positive role in my development as a successful student. The only issue is that not enough students are motivated to academically push themselves and sadly, that's something that faculty and administration cannot entirely change. The upbringings of all the students play a role in their success as well.
Lebanon High School made a mark on me as a high school student in so many ways. During my senior year, I lost my father in January and the school held a fundraiser to help cover some of the costs for his funeral. The amount of support I received from my teachers, counselors, principals, teammates and classmates will be something that I will never forget.
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I loved all my teachers and how they where always willing to help out students. Wish we could have better lunches.
As a high school student in Lebanon Senior High School i had a great experience. The school was remodeled to provide the students with the most comfort and safe environment. We many facilities and technology that aided our learning in what ever subject we had.
It was a great High School experience. The staff worked well with students. Playing sports here was another great experience I had. Traveling with the team and making new friends was a blast. This will stay with me for the rest of my life.
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