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Lebanon R-III School District Reviews

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My high school experience at Lebanon High School has been pretty average. However, in cases of bullying or sexual harassment and assault, the administration turns a blind eye even if there is solid evidence of the event.
After being a student for 13 years at the Lebanon R-III School District, I can say that it has been a very bumpy road. I had experienced no problems with the district up until my freshmen year of high school. I have had teachers that have cared deeply about my education, and I have had some that only seem to be there for a paycheck. Administration at the High School is terrible, and the needs of students are rarely being met. Overall, I would give this school district 3/5 stars. It could be worse, but there is definitely room for lots of improvement.
A fantastic district that consistently looks towards the future rather than the past for change. The teachers although underpaid compared to other districts, show school pride and individual attention to their students. The admistration prides themselves on putting safety as a priority for the students and staff while insuring constant change and upgrades.
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it's a nice school and the teachers are friendly and everyone helps sometimes, the teachers are super nice and like to help you anyway they can. they are very understanding and are willing to listen and give you advice in any problem you have.
Lebanon R-III School District is a fairly good school system. There are good school buildings and great teachers, and a good variety of classes to choose from. Students have a good opportunity to take classes that will benefit them in the college years.
Almost all of the teachers I have had have been excellent and have cared personally about their students. Extracurricular activities are very affordable, thanks to an excellent booster program, and there is generally something for everyone. There is a pretty good selection of electives and courses that will prepare students for whatever they choose to do after high school, including both challenging honors courses and a variety of vocational training courses.
I love the school system and how no child is ever left behind. The schools are great with amazing staff! All of the clubs are great for learning and sometimes they will even help you with your work and collage readiness. We also have about an hour call "Flight Time" it is all about collage readiness and learning about the real world. We even have collages come and talk about their schools and our school system have many scholarships to offer and are always willing to help. The school alone is never in the teachings just for the money, they do it to see us all succeed!
I love most of the schools and teachers. There have a been a few teachers and a nurse I had a problem with. I don't like their math core curriculum or how they grade the math.
We have amazing teacher and they really care about your success as long as you do too. They make sure you are ready to take on whatever you choose to after highschool whether its college or fast food.
My experience with the Lebanon R-3 School District is that their faculty and staff, go above and beyond to help out any of their students.
I liked how the teachers help the kids out when they need it, and the teachers joke around with the students plus make there days better.
Lebanon Senior High is a school which has many things to revel upon. Some of those things are the teachers who enjoy their students as much as their jobs. Amongst some other great things about the school is Mr Lowery, the school principal who is always in the hallway between passing time with a smile on his face greeting students as they pass by. Lebanon High has amazing students who are fairly friendly and who have amazing school spirit as well as great attitudes. Walking amongst the halls of Lebanon Seniot High, you will get a great sense of Jacket Pride!
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