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Lebanon Community School District Reviews

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Lebanon Oregon School district is a very nice district, with very compassionate teachers. There are a lot of support programs for those who may need extra support as well.
Needs more involvement with their students. Especially with mental health. There were a lot of events during my time at school that could have been prevented if the school district focused on mental health instead of just physical and spiritual health.
I have five other siblings that are in the Lebanon community school district. Three are now out of high school. I am a freshman, the school is great but I think when it comes to bullying and harassment such as cyberbullying my high school could do better. I have LOTS of experience in being cyberbullied, I deal with it daily and some of it even effects my school activities. Yes it has slowed but that was more because of my mom and not the school.
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Lebanon has good teacher and bad teachers. Some really care about you, and others it seems they don’t care at all.
I have only gone to Lebanon High School for three years. In those three years I have gained a vast amount of knowledge on how to get help both in and outside of class with my studies. I feel as though the curriculum isn't as challenging as it could be. I also feel like events take students away from classes a lot more than they are in class. It makes it difficult, especially for AP students, who are cramming for the AP test in the spring.
They treat their teachers badly and give all the money to football. There isnt enough support in band,choir,art and trades
what I like about is the staff they are very helpful and nice. There are some teachers that are helpful too.
This is a very nice school, but the administration is dysfunctional. There is a great lack in communication between teachers, principals, and counselors that is noticeable by students and greatly effects the school. Student seeking help will often be met with contradicting answers which further details the productivity of the student. Many students have struggled to meet yearly requirements due to this issue.
Very good school district. I recently graduated from Lebanon High school and I feel like I had a great experience. Lots of things to participate in and very good athletics
I think that my experience with Lebanon Community School District so far has been very well. My grades are soaring, my teachers (I am a student at Lebanon High School) are very supportive, and the sports programs are wonderful. However, I do feel that some teachers are not as helpful as they could be. For instance, I have had a math teacher who wouldn't teach us how to do a certain lesson, but would give us a textbook (from a very informative curriculum) and have us figure it out on our own in groups.
The standards for passing classes is low. Communication overall is poor. The teachers are usually good at getting back to me or letting me know my kid is failing.
I really enjoy the Lebanon school district. The teachers are all very nice and are always ready to help.
This community school district has been very good during my education. I have always enjoyed the staff especially the teachers! I believe they have impacted my life greatly during my academics. In high school I think they should prepare us seniors for college better by making us become more independent and challenge us in order to be ready for college. The Lebanon Community School District overal has been great but they can make a few changes to make it better!
I've been in Lebanon High School for all 4 years of high school and the school district for all 12 years of my education. And I'll say that it's a school district but the things that can be improved is the attendance from other students. Because they are pretty lazy. But the teachers here a awesome, they help out their students for success in their personal life and academic life.
Not stellar administration, but they're actively working on improving. The problem mainly lies in the students; the culture of the schools are a bit toxic, and getting progressively worse.
Lebanon Community School District is not without it's faults, I'll start there. There are some teachers that almost definitely think that the students are there for them, and not the other way around. There are some less than ideal policies, and disciplinary actions have been lacking in my opinion. However, there are consistent opportunities for students to advance and excel, and there are many absolutely incredible teachers in the district that care very deeply about their students and their students education. Our high school offers many extracurricular activities, and provides students with the opportunity to begin and organize their own clubs. I cannot speak very highly or extensively on our administration or their policies, but for the most part, I believe students have a very well-structured environment and are presented with many opportunities and people that care for them and wish to see them thrive.
Excellent teachers, poor administration. Low funding and little electives. Administration hinders not helps teachers. They're mainly focused on athletics, which receive the most attention and funding
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I love that there are challenging courses and that the teachers push you to do the best of your ability in academics and other areas.
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