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My school is very organized, clean, and safe. I'd like to see more student involvement not only inside of school but also outside of school. Our sports programs have many kids involved, but small organizations and clubs have smaller numbers.
I am a senior a Lebanon High School. I feel that this school is a very well rounded school with a fantastic staff. People are very nice and everyone is very flexible with you schedule. This school gives you a chance to try everything. You can be a varsity football player while also playing in the band. You could be in the National Honors Society while also having time to do other extra things outside and during school. LHS is a place to be
Great teachers. Great community. Lots of opportunity. Lots of clubs and teams to join. I do think there is a lack of AP/dual credit courses that could be taught.
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I am very thankful the Lebanon school district allows my family to Homeschool. I would appreciate this district more if they paid for the J Everett Light center. All of the other school districts in Indiana pay for it. They are the only area who do not pay for it.
The teachers were amazing. To get the level of education especially when you are pushed which i like made it beneficial for me as a student at LHS. The friendships you have among your class and other classes is amazing. I am one of the lucky kids who had the opportunity to get the best education I could have asked for from my school.
Lebanon School Corporation focuses on pushing their students to the best of their abilities. The high school wants their students to succeed and be well rounded citizens. The school has quite a few programs directed towards college and different career fields, but not many for people who want to jump right into the work force.
I absolutely love the school itself! They are very educational and informative! The only downfalls are how the school is very, very traditional and also the athletics department falls a little short in all sports except football and basketball.
I liked that the teachers were involved with helping the students succeed. They want us to be successful and get to where we need to be. The environment between students is competitive, in a healthy way.
I have been very disappointed this year with my first year in the Lebanon Community School Corporation. My Daughter is in Kindergarten, and I am concerned. As parents we have seen bullying tolerated by and in some cases promoted by teachers. Children with mandatory IEP breaks being ignored or not noticed because the teacher ratio ir more the 20:1, it may be closer to 23:1 now.
Lebanon is a great school and the staff is very helpful. I've always felt prepared in my classes and I feel that the teachers help students as much as possible.
I really love being a Lebanon Tiger. It has always been an welcoming environment and everyone is close. I have made life long friends in my school and I have had amazing teachers that help me in and outside of the classroom. The number of resources I have gained through this school for many things not just academically is mind blowing.
I think that the Lebanon Community schools have a great variety of clubs and activities that students can involve themselves in. I also think that they offer a large range of classes so students with different interests can find classes that suit them.
Love the different options that are available for students when it comes to class options, food, etc. Staff is always looking for ways to help the students and help better their learning experience. So grateful to have attended a school corporation that's values my education as much as I do!
I did like how up to date this school system was. They provided every student with a MacBook Air and continually incorporated technology in to the curriculum. Every student here had a lot of school spirit and it was overall a wonderful experience. I will say some of the policies were a little ridiculous, specifically the dress code. But other than that I have no complaints.
Lebanon is a small district. There isn't much that goes on here. It gets extremely boring and since there is a lower amount of people, there are less students. Since there are less students, then basically everybody knows each other and drama and rumors spread like wildfire.
Lebanon is a small community, so it's easy to get to know peers and teachers. The high school is recently renovated so it's a good learning facility, and there are good opportunities to get involved at school. One major thing the district lacks is diversity.
Lebanon is hands down a fantastic school. The teachers here make sure to put the students first and make sure that we have all the resources we need at our finger tips in order to succeed. Everyone that is apart of the Lebanon Community is extremely nice and we all make sure to help one another out. One change I would like to see however is to make everyone more involved. Get the students you don't hear from much out of their comfort zone and trying new things.
Lebanon has definitely helped me reach my fullest potential and then some when it came to academics and even sports. There is not a doubt in my mind that Lebanon has fully prepared me for life after high school.
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Lebanon High School is a very nice size school, with many ways to get students involved to allow them to find their own interest. There are also many teachers willing to do whatever it takes to help students succeed at their full potential. Something I would like to see change at Lebanon would be to have more hands on guidance for junior and seniors while going through the process of scholarship and college applications. Many times students, such as myself, who are new to this process have questions about the process of applying or reliable scholarship sources to apply for and it would be helpful to have a time to be able to ask all these questions to our guidance counselors.
Lebanon High school in particular, where I attend as a freshman is immaculate! By far the most prompt characters are the office, guidance, and attendence members. They are always welcoming and understanding. As well, there are a wide aray of classes including: Honors, AP, Pre- AP, Regular, and special needs classes to assist every student. Athletics here is a very important and almost key part of our student life as our athletes are also known as student athletes who maintain terrific grades we also have a incredible strength and conditioning coach along with all the other sports coaches. Along with the athletics we have the acting kids who do a fantastic job creating plays for the student body every couple months. There is no enough space to provide that would give a full depth to our school.
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