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The teachers are very nice and caring. You can tell that they have a true passion for their subject and helping us learn about it. Everything is very well organized, you will always know what is going on. There are endless options of activities for you to participate and find your passion and spirit in. The community is a very supportive place to be.
We have been so impressed with the district!
Wonderful teachers, programs, athletics!
Couldn’t be happier!
One thing I would like to see change is a related curriculum. The reason being for the ACT in math and English we are not prepared because the questions on there are not even similar to the ones given in class and students don’t know the answers because they aren’t taught the items given.
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Something I enjoy about Lebanon City Schools is the atmosphere. We are a town highly dedicated to our sports. This really brings everyone, no matter age, gender, or race, together. By doing this, it creates a strong hometown feel. No matter where you go, Lebanon always feels like home.
There are many opportunities for LGBTQ+ students within Lebanon, but they are few and far between. The diversity is lacking, even if the schools are beautiful from the outside. Many of the artistic programs receive sub-par funding, and are often pushed to the side.
The teachers at Lebanon really care for students & want to help them succeed. The school is in great condition with a great staff.
I am a senior right now and I feel that Lebanon's academic rigor has set me up well for my future academic career in college. Many of the teachers at Lebanon are very nice and want to get to know you. The teachers want to make sure that you understand every single fact that is thrown out at you. Things that could change are that they could balance out their athletic funding more. Lebanon has a very well respected golf, cross country, wrestling, and softball team but most of the funds g to the football team that is mediocre. I would also like to see Lebanon pull in a more culturally diverse student body because about 75% of the school is white and the other 25% has a Mexican or Latino background. Overall, I have enjoyed attending school through my years from kindergarten all the way up to my senior year. I am very fortunate that Lebanon has offered their students a wide range of AP courses to further our learning at a higher level.
I liked that this school was close to my house and I could walk there. Overall good school, good teachers, and good sports.
All of the teachers are caring and want the best for the students. There is also a place for everyone with clubs and extracurriculars.
its not very diverse but other than that is a really good school,the teachers are very well trained. They offer a lot of sports and club options make everyone feel involved there is something for almost everyone here.
An excellent place to receive an education. Teachers here strive to challenge students while also building relationships with them. Teachers do everything necessary to cover content required while also preparing students for standardized, AP, as well as the ACT and PSAT.
There is a lot of school spirit here and students love to support student athletes being coached by admirable coaching staff (from my experience).
Amazing facilities and resources offered by this school district.
Lebanon City Schools was a great decision for me to enter into in the ninth grade. They have been very accommodating to me being new and i have been very grateful.
Lebanon is a very close community and takes pride in that. The school systems are good and there is always an opportunity to help and get involved in the community. One think I would like to change about Lebanon is the diversity. You don't really see a diverse group when you look at Lebanon. I think this would help the way younger kids treat others that are different.
Lebanon schools have teachers that will go above and beyond to help its students. As a senior I feel very prepared for my next step in life which is college. Lebanon offers a wide variety of classes and sports. The one thing that they could improve on is making more clubs for kids to join. Everything else at Lebanon is excellent
My experience at Lebanon City Schools for the past three years have been very good. I have been involved in many activities including soccer, softball, basketball, captains council, student council, and fca. Being involved in many activities have allowed me to see the school in many different ways. I have been apart of many groups with many different people and it has opened my eyes to view things from other peoples perspectives. One thing I would change would be the inclusiveness of Lebanon High School. I wish that the school was more connected in different ways not just through sports or music.
The teachers are out standing and try as hard as possible to make everyone feel like they belong. The kids can be a bit entitled and mean but overall it’s a great location and a great school
I was in the Lebanon school district all four years of my high school career & never had any problems. Nobody loves their school while they're going, but looking back, Lebanon is a really good school. They have great teachers, & really good programs other schools don't. The staff are phenomenal in bad situations. During the last week of my senior year, a group of kids were leaving bomb/shooting threats throughout the school & they were so sneaky that no one could catch them on camera so we all had to take them very seriously. Every one was panicking. The staff remained calm & collected, making sure every one was safe. The Warriors are a tight knit family. I miss my home. I may be away but they'll forever be in my heart. I'd recommend this school to anyone.
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Lebanon City Schools has a lot of opportunities to better yourself academically and socially. Teachers are committed to helping their students realize their full potential, and support the students throughout their high school career. The school district as a whole works hard to ensure that the students have the tools and resources that would allow them to be able to realize their dreams after graduating. There are also many different clubs and activities, which makes it easier to make friends. Students have many opportunities to express themselves and use their time in school to explore their personality and find the person they want to become.
Lebanon has a good group of teachers with good hearts that truly want to help you learn. Many teachers truly care about you as a student and you as a person, the staff works their hardest to ensure you will not fail. They will also leap to help with any problem within the student body.
This school isn't exactly that educated in simple subjects like safe sex vs abstinence and minorities....really disappointing
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