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Leavenworth Unified School District Reviews

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I love the staff at Leavenworth, they are all so nice and helpful. They truly want you to succeed. However, I do wish they would handle helping seniors prepare more for scholarships and applying to college.
I think this school district has great potential. I do think that there is poor connection to the students and their desires.
I like the amount of opportunities that they have available as far as clubs and different classes you can take.
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Over all Leavenworth is a great school district. There is a lot clubs and ways to get involved. And has lots of diversity that makes everyone feel welcome.
The teachers, the programs, the everything. It's all fantastic. I moved to this school district from a small rural school district and I was very helped by the immense amount of opportunities. Because of Leavenworth, I'm now considering Ivy League schools for college.
I enjoyed everything about my experience in this school district. Not only is the community like a family but everyone wants to help you be as successful as possible.
Well, since moving here my sophomore year, I have had an interesting experience. Most teachers are decent, but a select few I believe should be reviewed about how they teach. My biggest concern would be, that it seems to be no organized curriculum.
Most of the schools population is military students so each year we have a huge turn over of new people. The school same some up with many proprams that help help students feel welcome like a mentoring, ambassadors, or interact club. There are not many click groups because how much there is in student turn over. Students are every welcoming and help help get use to the new school. The only down side to the school i have found this year was the lack of help from the adim when we had major problems with teachers they would try to help but it wouldn't do anything. I have really enjoy this school and happy to have gone to leavenworth
The no child left behind rule makes all children left behind. They have lowered the standards to ensure all kids pass instead of challenging the students to their fullest potential
I like the safety of the district. More resources from state. The schools are well on there way to getting students ready for college or careers.
Leavenworth School District has a great atmosphere. The teachers and administration really care about the students. This school prepared me for college in more ways than one!
Leavenworth Unified School District is a amazing in everything they do. All the kids are so kind. the teachers are wonderful as well.
I've had a good time at this high school, the best you CAN have at school anyway. It's been a long four years, and I can't wait to leave, but I will be a little sad.
Leavenworth High School was a wonderful high school. They did so much for me throughout my tenure there. They helped me build up the characteristics I need to be a successful college student and a strong candidate for whatever career that I would like to pursue. Leavenworth High School and USD 453 genuinely cares for everyone and puts students' success first.
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