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The teachers and more specifically the coaches know you, regardless of your stardom, they know you and treat you with importance.
One of the most highly regarded school districts in Central Texas thanks to their exceptional staff, safe and clean schools and challenging curriculum. From K-12 all schools are staffed with teachers that truly care about their students and go above and beyond to provide them with the highest quality education.
I actually attend a private school, Fortis Adacemy located in Liberty Hill, Texas.
I live in the Leander ISD, but my answers will be for the school I actually attend. Fortis Academy in Liberty Hill Texas.
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Everyone, not only the students but the teachers and administrators as well, in this district and in all of the schools are determined and ready for everything in their way. I feel very safe in my school and around my classmates where I learn new things every day.
Excellent fine arts departments. Some schools are better at sports than others. Prepare to have all of the schools funding go to football teams. Clubs and committees are fun and enjoyable.
Leander ISD is a great place to attend school. The teachers are involved and the coaches are wonderful role models for the students. LISD makes sure they are competitive by offering challenging, career focused coursework.
They support the arts at the secondary level. The teachers that i have had all care for the student and the education they are getting.
-Like the teachers & facilities
-Dislike the way the school
Boundaries are draw
-sports are exceptional
I had a pleasant experience with LISD. It was very inclusive and there were select teachers that made the experience very good. Of course, there were teachers that were less enthusiastic. Those teachers outnumbered the beneficial ones, making learning difficult at times. As a member of the band the district seemed to pay to much attention and funds to the football team despite the band and other programs' nationwide success.
I love how the district encourages students to strive for excellence and prepares them for life outside of high school.
In my experience, Leander Independent School district offered adequate resources as well as academics for College Readiness. A lot of broad extra curricular activities were offered during my time there as well. Throughout my years there, some faculty and policies were questionable at times (mostly regarding Middle School campuses). Overall I enjoyed my time going through Learning at LISD and growing from an Elementary kid to a High School graduate.
The district is excellent, very safe, clean, good teachers, facilities in good conditions... My only upset is about the poor options in the cafeteria.
Leander Independent School District is okay, but not as great people say. The best part about the high school I attended was it's football program. We went to State 3 times and won once. My school was terrible at helping me get into college, take dual credit courses, and keep me educated on what I needed to do to get funding for college. They have a lot to work on.
I like all the different schools that there are in our district and how different each school is. We are all very competitive and a good learning environment.
LISD has been a great learning experience. I appreciate their hard work to find excellent teachers and staff to push their students to be scholars.
The district and board members don’t take student opinions into consideration when they pass new policies and rules.
Great resources, properly advanced in technology, great atmosphere for learning and growing. Great teachers and facilities. Great sports department and continuous growth in clubs and activities.
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I am impressed by how they are getting us ready for college. All the utilities we have. Counselors are there to help with any questions I might have. Sports are a big part of my high school years. I feel lucky to be apart of Cedar Park High School.
I transferred from a charter school to Leander High School. I have loved the interest the teachers have in the students and in the student's goals. I love the way they teach and the use of technology to help with the learning of the students. Leander is an older campus, so it can seem unsanitary. Although Leander is an older campus, it has many clubs and organizations one can join.
Leanderisd school district provided courses that will prepare me for college. It also gave me an opportunity to participate in varsity athletics.
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