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Lead-Deadwood School District Reviews

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I really love a lot of the teachers and how strict they were with students achieving many of their goals. There is not a lot of bullying which is also super nice! I would like to see our sports program progress even more and many other clubs as well.
I was very much bullied in this school. And the kids who had parents who had family in the mine thought they were better than everyone else. I would like to see stricter policies on bullying. But many of the teachers were very helpful and nice.
Lead is a small school where teachers always are ready to help and know you. Have had a great experience overall with the education system here.
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The Lead-Deadwood School District in South Dakota is not part of a large community which contributes to the warmth and kindness you feel. The people are great and the teachers really want to see the kids do well! The teachers are prepared to help students from all backgrounds succeed academically and set them up for life.
The school buildings are beautiful and ginormous which is a little excessive due to classes only having about ten students in them. The teachers that really cared were very helpful to anyone who needed help. The teachers that did not care made coming to school incredibly hard and their classes were not very sought after. The counselor cared more about coffee than any problems that were going on in the school. The administration was so kind and always cheerful which affected everyone else's moods. The athletics were always fun and exciting but sadly there was very little school spirit to be found in Lead-Deadwood.
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